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Christians, Miracle Fridays, & The Emotion Code

Updated: Mar 28

Krista on Friday with her dog before her miracle and using The Emotion Code Restored For Life Now sitting on a rock

Are you a Christian and wondering if The Emotion Code is safe for YOU?

The answer is yes.

How is The Emotion Code Safe For Christians?

Short answer is, we read in the word: “By their fruit you will recognize them.” Matt. 7:16 NIV

I believe the best way to express my thoughts about this is first through Scripture and then a story about a lovely woman named Kristen; a real person with real benefits (fruit).

Before we go on about Krista, here are some reasons why this is safe.

Why this can be safe is briefly listed here.

#1 We access the subconscious directly.

#2 Through the wisdom of the body. (We have a natural lie detector system).

#3 Distance is not a factor since science has shown that thoughts can be transmitted almost instantaneously across the globe.

#4 The issue is taken care of via intention.

#5 This is based on quantum physics. Remember God made everything. “All things have been created through him and for him.” Col 1:16 NIV

As a Christian myself, I did an exhaustive search through scripture and science to make sure I would not be leading anyone astray. That is the reason I have much research on my site. It is the result of my own quest for truth.

What benefits did Krista receive?

First, she can now sleep through the night. Second, her heartache is gone. Third, her fatigue is gone. Krista had tried everything for years and nothing helped her… Until our work together using this tool. These are big achievements considering her tragic accident 20 years ago. (See her story below.)

The purpose of this story

… is to provide you with the details of what happened so you can see one proof of the goodness of this technique. (Did you know that this technique came to be as a result of earnest prayer to God the Father, through his son, Jesus Christ for the gift of wisdom? After all, it does say: “If any of you lacks wisdom, you should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to you.” James 1:5)

Addressing One More Misconception

And just to address one more misconception that can cause concern, I would like to mention that this tool allows the subconscious to have a voice, so that we can communicate with the body directly.

If you want more details on how this is safe for Christians, you may also wish read two articles, here and here that I have written to help you.

But now on to the story of the intervention of God through answered prayer which is why Krista coined our times together as “Miracle Fridays”. (Fridays just so happened to be the day of our sessions.)

Please allow me to introduce Krista. The picture above is of her and her dog – before the accident.

The Journey Begins…

This journey began 20 years ago, September 13, 1999. Krista was involved in a home accident, which resulted in 48% of her body being burned. She went into a coma, and did not wake up for three weeks. It was October 5, 1999 to be exact.

Krista describes her experience as one “that brought loss of dreams, pain…a lot of pain, surgeries and more surgeries, watching the clock until the next dressing change, and pulling out thousands of staples at a time.”

Beyond the emotional, physical and mental suffering, Krista shared the worst part of the fire was the loss of her beloved dog.

She expressed “I lost my life as I knew it. I know I took more and more pain meds because I was not able to handle all of the emotions I was going through.” As a result of the damage done by the fire, doctors told Krista, she would never be able to have children. **Sneak peak…. she did. Two of them. Healthy and beautiful!

Doctors told her many other things that would have limited most people, but Krista did not accept those limitations. With all her might she pushed through and kept exceeding the statements from her doctors regarding her healing potential.

Krista and I began our sessions approximately six weeks prior to this Miracle Friday.. What you are about to read is only part one of her story, because the “miracles” have only just begun.

Here is one clue as to why her healing happened…

Krista says “I know in my heart of hearts and deep in my soul that the only way I got through all this was my faith in G-d, knowing to just keep walking the walk and believing in myself.”

Our First Step

Our first step was to address the core of her energy system. This is the purpose of using The Energy Restoration program - unique to Restored For Life Now. I followed up using “normal” Emotion Code sessions. Perhaps only a couple this far.

Until this particular day...Miracle Friday.

As Krista and I worked that day, she described how she could not wear socks since her feet no longer had sweat glands. Not wearing socks in a Wyoming winter as she worked as a mail carrier, can certainly make for cold feet!

Her legs would swell so badly, all the way down to and including her toes. Her emotional pain while relaying all this to me, was palpable.

It was then, that I remembered the words about a certain man who was crippled in his feet:

“and He listened to Paul as he was speaking. Paul looked directly at him, saw that he had faith to be healed.” Acts 14:9 NIV

And Then It Happened

I asked Krista an important question. I asked her if she had the faith to believe that G-d can do a creative miracle for her right here and now?

“Yes, I do,” she answered.

So there and then, we prayed in the name of Jesus for this healing to be done. My hands became hot as coals and even more significant than that, was what was happening to Krista on the other end of the phone, a thousand miles away.

Something much more important than any manifestation. Within a few minutes, Krista reported back that all the swelling in her legs and feet was gone and that her feet were now sweating; she had lost the ability to sweat in her feet 20 years previous.

Pause and think about that one. I think I need to say this again.

All the swelling in her legs and feet left and her feet were now sweating! Praise be to G-d! He is still working miracles in our midst today! Why? Because Krista believed that a miracle was possible!

The Results

It has been a couple of years now since that cold Nebraska day when G-d stepped in and did a creative miracle for Krista. She has kept all the benefits she received.

Curious as to what the rest of the results are?

1. Her legs feel connected to her body. She had not felt that for 20 years. She no longer has to drag them out of bed and they no longer feel heavy. Previously, they were cold to touch and now they are warm.

2. Her immune system is stronger despite stressful events and cold weather; (typical triggers preceding being sick.)

3. She is able to comfortably wear socks again and her legs no longer swell up.

4. She is no longer getting angry and overwhelmed.

5. She is no longer having trouble sleeping and can now sleep through the night.

That was our first “Miracle Friday”.

And Then We Tackled “Anxiety”

The second “miracle” occurred shortly after that. The subject of our session was her anxiety, regarding a broken heart. The results?

Here is exactly what Krista wrote (including the capitalization):

“I laid in bed all night, waking up off and on trying to feel that broken heart that I have had - that ache for the last 5 years. Long story short I ABSOLUTELY HAVE NO FEELING OR RECOLLECTION OF THE MEMORIES OF THAT TIME. I DON’T HAVE THAT NAGGING CHRONIC FATIGUE SYNDROME JUNK THAT COMES WITH THE ENERGY INFLAMMATION.”

Compare The Above To The Beginning

This is a huge contrast to how Krista first introduced herself to me. See how far she has come. This is what she wrote to me when she first introduced herself:

“I have accepted my accident but I know I am super sensitive now to feeling everything. My knees hurt so bad sometimes when my anxiety and overwhelming thoughts occur in my life. I want my life back for me and my body. I have been to many doctors and many therapists and have heard everything. I know it’s trapped emotions and how I process emotional pain and feeling rejected and not heard.”.

Krista and I have come a long way in just six weeks and more exciting benefits are just around the corner. This is just Part One.

A Woman of Courage

I admire Krista for pushing through against all odds. She is a woman of courage. I admire that in her. Don’t you?

Do You Still Want Even More Detailed Answers as to HOW The Emotion Code is Safe For Christians?

You can find them in both of these articles on my site.

A Big Thank You!

Hopefully, this story of the healing journey that Krista took, will inspire many to emulate her courage and faith. In the end, she chose to receive. And I consider myself to be privileged to have been alongside her in her journey and that she allowed me to tell her story.

Krista has never allowed anyone to tell her story until she began working with me. She shared with me how many people, even famous writers, asked her to allow them to tell her story. But she refused. She wanted people to know that G-d has provided a way for her to be set free of these things and that this method is safe for Christians.

As she said, she has been to many doctors and many therapists and has heard everything. And until now she found no answers to certain problems; until she found some answers here through this modality.

To G-d be the glory!

If you’re interested in learning more about the quantum physics:

“What Scientists Have To Say About Us As Beings Of Pure Energy” Here is the link

“Can The Subconscious Have A Voice?” Here is the link

See you next time! Until then, blessings to you and yours!

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