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Straighter Feet & An Expanded Vocabulary

Updated: Jun 13, 2021

Part of what we want for our children is for them to be able to express themselves fluently and be able to walk and run unhindered. But what if there are barriers to these?

What then?

That desire to help her daughter with her speech and her walking is what caused the mom of this little girl, who was then 2 1/2 years old, to try Body Code sessions for her.

So Began Our Journey.

I was initially told that Tinsley was a strong-willed child who did not like to listen and was defiant. That scored a 10/10. She liked to run but kept tripping on her feet. And she had experienced a traumatic birth.

After That First Session Mom Reported:

“I have a different child since yesterday! Tinsley unexplainably became loving and wanted to give lots of hugs and kisses. This affection was somewhat out of the ordinary; she would provide affection on her terms but not often.

Since that first session, her walking improved; she listened to what she was told and she was super loving and affectionate. Her chiropractor even made mention at her next appointment that her hips were easier to adjust and she appeared to be walking better.”

About The Right Hip And Foot Alignment

Tinsley was born with her right leg twisted at the hip so needed outside help to correct that. Mom was initially told that this may need medical intervention as in the form of surgery if the problem could not be corrected within the first few years.

Working Every Week, What Mom Noted After The First Few:

“I saw a huge improvement in her speech. There still are times that she is hard to understand but it is not often. It was literally like her vocabulary exploded within a few days. (I had honestly been researching online speech therapy, now I do not have to go that route.)”

Mom Comes To An Initial Conclusion

The dramatic initial response by Tinsley gave mom hope. She told me that no other Emotion Code or Body Code Practitioner would be allowed to work with Tinsley. So began a journey that has spanned two years.

Picky Eating & Potty Accidents

It seemed to be related to trapped emotions and these issues began to melt away after finding the ones that were at the bottom of those problems.

Introducing An Integrative Sports Chiropractor This Year

Mom said that the Body Code work done on Tinsley helped make the adjustments to her hips go much easier. She has graduated from weekly chiropractor visits to once-a-month visits. Mom reports that the chiropractor is very optimistic that Tinsley will continue to improve.

Now Mom Has This To Say

“Without all of the help from Doris, I truly believe Tinsley would still be falling over her own feet and having emotional flare-ups. I do not doubt that this is helping her become the person God meant for her to be.

About Doris

“I knew almost instantly at our first encounter that this was for us because I felt an instant comfort with her. I knew that she was brought into our lives for a very special reason and she has consistently demonstrated this.

The work that Doris does continues to amaze me. Her love and compassion and genuine heart make working with her easy. I feel at ease with her working on my daughter and truly trust her.

Now when Tinsley runs, her feet no longer touch as they used to and I am not worried about her falling as she previously did.

I thank the Lord that I found her, she has truly helped my daughter release thousands of emotions that were making her sad and angry.

I can hardly wait to see where this journey with Doris ends.”

Final Word

Our gratitude goes to Tinsley’s mom, A.M., who provided permission to publish her story. She hopes that her experience will inspire others to see how they can also be helped.

The image used in the blog banner is that of Tinsley at 2 1/2 years old. Thank you, mom, for allowing her image to be used here.



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