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Straighter Spine By Design, Thanks Emotion Code!

Updated: May 13, 2022

Can a spine become straighter even in an adult? Conventional wisdom says no. This experience shows otherwise. Perhaps trapped emotions really can cause a spine to bend, as it were.

Barrington initially told me that she had scoliosis since around 20 and that now many years later she was experiencing tightness in her pelvis when walking and pain in one of her heels. These were likely because pressure was being put on the nerves running along the spine since the spine was not aligned as it should be – even though she did all the conventional things to correct that.

The following is her story of pain relief, in her own words.

"My goal in relating my story to you is to encourage you to continue even if you do not immediately see results. Regardless of what symptoms you are experiencing - results will manifest. Sometimes, results just need some time to “show up” (and in my case, a lot of patience).

Perhaps you could sum up my whole testimony in one sentence: “Results are there, even if not evident at first.”

How It Started

I had seen Dr. Bradley Nelson on Gaia TV and he talked about the importance of removing the heart wall and clearing emotions stuck in the body. So I decided to seek out someone to do that for me. I chose to work with Doris Morissette because she sounded experienced, professional and was reasonably priced.

The Beginning

So Doris began with removing the Heart Wall (s). I began to think that The Emotion Code was not working for me. Even after five sessions, I really did not see or feel any improvement. After the fifth one, my chiropractor told me that my “body was noticeably more supple.” (I have spinal stenosis and scoliosis.)

For 8 years now, I have been receiving weekly double network (NSA) chiropractic appointments with Dr. S. (she is one of the top in her field). If anyone knows my spine and muscle response, it is Dr. S. So we were both pleasantly surprised with the results of The Emotion Code work. Had it not been for her comments, I might have just quit.

Limiting Beliefs Got In The Way

After doing a few more sessions, I made a comment that “Things that work for everyone else don’t work for me” which Doris picked up as a limiting belief. She said that this belief needed to be cleared in order for the healing process to work.

After clearing the limiting belief, Dr. S. suggested we target certain muscles and vertebrae that were troublesome for me. Several weeks after we implemented the targeted areas, Dr. S. said that she had never seen a response like this before! She said that my spine was straighter!

By this time Doris and I had cleared hundreds and hundreds of emotions and belief patterns.

I Began To Experience Benefits And Relationship Breakthroughs

My buttons were not being pushed as easily by my Mom that I care for. Mom also softened her responses to me. One example of this was my mom saying to me: “Hello, dear.” when I came to her door. I never expected that response before, everyone else would get that response, except me.

Total strangers were being very nice to me

I suddenly noticed that people were making eye to eye contact with me and acknowledging my presence.

I thought: “My it is a friendly world out there today!”

It can be hard to put your finger on it, but I can say now that it seemed that not just my body was changing!

The dynamics of some close stressful relationships have changed for the better. I am being listened to and treated respectfully.

The heel pain which limited taking walks finally left after 4 months and enabled going for comfortable walks.

The Icing On the Cake

So does this work last? Are the benefits permanent? It seems that way. Almost a year since we started, my chiropractor mentioned that the Emotion Code work we did on my spine and the straightening that occurred at that time, has remained in place."

Conclusion: The Benefits Are Permanent!

Thank you, Barrington, for sharing your story. This will be an inspiration for all.

Article Written by Doris Morissette,

Certified Emotion Code & Body Code Practitioner

retired nurse after 23 years as Registered Nurse.



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