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The Emotion Code - New Age or Quantum Physics?

Updated: Jun 14, 2021

Can science explain The Emotion Code? Yes, since "Science is simply the description of everything." 1 The science of Physics will provide us with the explanation. There are two branches of Physics.

1. Newtonian Physics

The first branch of physics which we are most familiar with is called “Classical” or “Newtonian”. This is what we learned in school. It is named after Sir Isaac Newton - you know, the guy who was sitting under the tree who watched the apple fall to the ground and figured out that gravity caused it? According to Newtonian science – if you cannot see, touch, feel or measure something – then it does not exist.

We see this type of science demonstrated in our modern day medical system; where humans are seen as having interchangeable parts and the mind as being nothing more than neurons. Therefore, anything that goes wrong with the body or mind is classified as a disease. This branch of

science cannot explain the hard questions such as: what is consciousness, and why you and I are different.

2. Quantum Physics

Most of us are not well acquainted with the second branch of Physics. It is called, Quantum Physics, or Quantum Mechanics, which by definition means, "energy". It is the science that explains things which Newtonian science cannot.

Albert Einstein came up with the famous equation E=mc2, which means that energy and matter are really just different forms of the same phenomena. Nikola Tesla famously said: “Everything is energy, frequency, and vibration”. We are not accustomed to thinking of everything as “energy”, but two of the world's greatest scientists tell us that this is so. Therefore, to say that thoughts are composed of energy is an accurate statement.

The Danish Physicist, Neils Bohr, who made majorcontributions to quantum theory, and who won a Nobel Prize in 1922 said: “If quantum mechanics has not profoundly shocked you, you have not understood it. Everything we call real is made of things that cannot be regarded as real.” So if this whole idea of “quantum” science is shocking - you are in good company.

A cool demonstration of this “energy in action” is seen in this brief video below. Explaining this is totally outside “Classical” (Newtonian) Physics.

Can YOU really explain or understand this?

Video title: Quantum Levitation: A Rare Look at Quantum Mechanics in Action

The idea here is to clearly demonstrate that there is solid science behind this modality and that we are unable to understand this science with our current knowledge of “Classical” science only.

Even "Static Electricity" Is Still Not Understood

One final thought on this matter, science still cannot explain the simple phenomena of "static electricity", either. Think about this the next time you take clothes out of the dryer. Even with all this "science" we still cannot understand everything! 2.

Quantum Physics Helps To Explain How The Emotion Code Works

We now can see that thought is energy.

Since these energies are contained within a field of energy, we can access that information through the step-by-step method of The Emotion Code.

Until the Emotion Code came along, we had no way of accessing this information.

The Last Word

In closing, Dr. Caroline Leaf, 1. said:

"Every thought influences every single cell of your body at quantum speed which is much faster than the speed of light. Your thinking changes the physical. Mind is over matter. Mind influences matter."

There you have it. The Emotion Code is a safe modality, using principles found in quantum physics with proven results, that can safely eliminate your toxic emotional baggage.

Are you ready to eliminate yours?

About the photo:

The photograph was taken by Tim De Groot. This is a building called L'Hemisfèric (1998) — an IMAX Cinema, planetarium and laserium. The building is meant to resemble a giant eye. This is located in Spain and is

considered to be one of the "12 Treasures of Spain". This photograph is used with permission from

Article written by Doris Morissette

retired nurse (after 23 years of clinical experience as Registered Nurse)

Certified Emotion Code Practitioner

Certified Body Code Practitioner

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