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A Lifetime of Trauma Overcome With Emotion Code

Updated: Mar 28

A Lifetime of Trauma Overcome with Emotion Code. Benefits received from Restored For Life Now

Before I began these Emotion Code sessions, I would have bouts of emotional eating. I was afraid of being "me."

I found it hard to express myself and be vulnerable.

I held tension in my back, in between the shoulder blade area, as well as in my jaw. The chiropractor was always working on the same areas in my back and neck to release the tension there.

After only six sessions I saw some significant changes. I felt freedom, and a lightness – like a butterfly let loose.

A Decision

I made a deliberate decision to have weekly sessions to continue to peel away the layers. It was enjoyable to have my weekly support with Doris. This support made it easier as we discovered and continued to peel away more.

I no longer had to feel "overwhelmed" at the prospect of facing yet more of these. I am forever grateful at the ease with which Doris guided me through to each new victory.

Because Healing Is A Process

I realize now that healing from a lifetime of trauma is a process and I am fully aware that there is more that needs to be addressed. My life has positively changed along the way; for which I am very grateful.

This Even Affected My Marriage

On a personal level, prior to our work together, I also found that I was unable to express myself and be vulnerable to my husband.

I had anxiety about my financial situation as well as my workload. My thought was: "How can I keep up with all of this?"

What is “Happy”?

The morning before we started our sessions, I journaled: 'What is happy? I hardly know if I am happy or what it feels like, maybe I do and don't label it that. I found myself asking for forgiveness for who I am. Or feeling sorry for who I am.'

How Did This All Happen?

I was feeling so overwhelmed, some depression, no energy or ambition to do anything in my life. I wondered how did this all happen? This situation I found myself in was not me, as I was usually a "go-getter."

We began with the statement “I do not deserve to be healed” and then continued on from there.

Along The Way I lost the post-trauma tension, also

We were able to quickly get rid of post-trauma tension symptoms that tried to establish themselves after a car accident a couple of months ago. Once I mentioned I was having "flashbacks," we were able to target them and clear them up.

My Chiropractor is happy now, also!

As time went on, the problem I mentioned with the tight area in between my shoulder blades, the jaw, and neck tightness have improved.

I Have Blossomed!

So in the end, not only am I better off as a result of being committed to getting to the bottom of all my issues, but my friends and family are all beneficiaries. I now look back at my journaling from the time before I started, and I can no longer recognize that person. I am a new person. I have blossomed!

You Can Benefit, Also!

I am the sort of person who values good health and will consciously "work" for it, if necessary. And it was necessary in my case. The weekly sessions I had with Doris paid off.

The above words were written by Ruth. Thank you, Ruth, for sharing your story. I hope it can benefit others wo are looking to resolve their own issues.

Because The Subconscious Mind Can Now "Speak"

The subconscious mind reveals only what it feels safe to do so, and will present whatever needs to be done during the Emotion Code session, in the order that is best for you. We have to learn to trust the process. As we have seen in this story, as we do so, we will reap the rewards.

This Emotion Code is a wonderful tool that allows the subconscious to "speak". We tap directly into the subconscious using "yes" and "no" questions. What would your subconscious mind like to release so as to set you free?

Get Your Breakthrough Now!

I have gotten many people their breakthroughs. No need to wait any longer! I can help you! Please fill in the contact information (at the bottom of the page) and I will get back to you quickly. No need to suffer any longer!

My 23 years of experience as a Registered Nurse and my four years at this full time have equipped me to help you effectively and affordably!

Your 30 minute initial assessment is free of charge.

Photo Credit:

Ruth wishes to remain anonymous. The photo is by Unsplash.

Doris Morissette,

Retired nurse after 23 years as Registered Nurse

Certified Emotion Code & Body Code Practitioner

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