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The Body Code

The Body Code System is your key to accessing the deep things of the subconscious, without the pain of reliving the past.

iceberg representing subconscious mind

The Body Code gets at the deep, deep stuff shoved way down "there" perhaps from long ago, or perhaps from  something you would rather forget - yet is still holding you hostage.

Now you can be free from that bondage to the past and the bondage to the associated pain of the past.

Dr. Bradley Nelson says that even one "trapped emotion" can adversely affect the immune system. So why not incorporate the system that Dr. Bradley has made available to us and find where your blockages are so we can remove them - for good!

Why Work With Me?

I have 23 years experience as a Registered Nurse with 23 years of hands-on, bedside nursing.  I now have over four years of full-time experience as a Certified Practitioner under my belt helping people with every sort of issue   could possibly imagine; physical, emotional and relational, as well as business matters, such as "blowing away your money blocks".

I am here for you.  My mission statement is to "alleviate suffering" - so who better to walk you through to the other side of whatever issue you are dealing with?

What Do You Need Help With?

We have many programs we can use to aim the laser beam of the Body Code with.  We can use any of the following as needed:

1.  Blow Away Your Money Blocks

2.  Resonating Relationships

3.  Getting To The Root

4.  Spiritual Check Up - Alongside of energy, we sometimes have to bring in spiritual clean-up.  There may be vows, decrees or agreements, for example that we need to find and cancel.

5.  Energy Restoration - This is our specialty.  Getting to the core of the energy system.  This is actually the best place to start.

     It also removes heart walls and usually the cause for the heart wall in the first place.

These are but examples to give you an idea of what is available.

Best Place To Start?

Whatever your issue, the best place to begin is at the core of your energy field.  We have a program for that which is unique to Restored For Life.  I have found that by starting with Energy Restoration, not only do we also seem to take down major Heart Walls, but it seems as though they do not get rebuilt.  All of this is accomplished while we optimize your core which seems to speed up all future results.

To read more details about the Energy Restoration, please click this link:  learn more. 

After your core is aligned and functioning as it should, we can take aim at the other issues that need attention.  Over the last two years, it has been a consistent result that by doing the Energy Restoration, first, we can then move along faster to achieve your goals.

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