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Doris Morissette
Retired after a 23-year career as Registered Nurse


Emotion, Body, & Belief Code Practitioner

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Clients Say:

I feel so much peace!

There are many benefits

to being Doris' client.

~ Paula G.

Meet Paula G.

NEW!  Belief Code for Your SUCCESS

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This Belief Code may be life-changing!


Forget affirmations, forget meditation!  This revolutionary technique may be the fastest and easiest way to remove sabotaging beliefs that have been blocking your success. Your subconscious mind may be programming you to fail.  But now you have the power to turn that around.


Once we remove those sabotaging beliefs and imbalances, we can then install empowering beliefs that will cause your subconscious mind to work WITH you. What have you got to lose?

Safe. You remain in full control all the way through.   


Get YOUR Breakthrough!
WITHOUT The Pain Of Reliving The Past!

You know when people have tried everything, such as the chiropractor, massage therapist, physiotherapist, diets, and everything else, but nothing really worked?  Well, these people often end up here.  And they often get the results they were looking to get in the first place. Maybe you can too?


I can help you to lessen, reduce, eliminate, lower and/or decrease the following:

Anxiousness, worry, depression, trauma reactions, PTSD symptoms, anger, fear, dread, emotional pain, physical pain, sleeping problems, writing blocks, addictions, emotional eating, limiting beliefs, negative and repetitive thoughts, difficulty focusing, brain fog, and money or business blocks, to name just a few.  As long as there are negative emotions attached to the problem, I may be able to help.

As my client, Rebecca Nath, said, you may also say:  


"I have felt a lot more calm, my anxiety has definitely dissipated quite a bit."

I can help you to attract, build, improve and better your:

confidence, public speaking, relationships, sales performance, and especially your life.

Removing the heart wall is also good in these situations as a heart wall can interfere with good communication in any type of relationship; whether it be personal or business related.


Overcome & Transform
Experience The Calm; Remain In Control 

The answer is in your subconscious.  


Using the tools of Emotion Code, Body Code, & the newly released Belief Code,  we can find your solution. Experience the calm while you remain in control and confident through out the process.  Easily and effortlessly reprogram your mind and let go of painful memories. You no longer need to suffer!  This may be a key to your breakthrough!

Here is what two clients have recently told me:

"Today we got to the core of it all.  For 25 years I have been looking to let go of all this anguish and suffering.  I always had the sense of extreme overwhelm and was always in a state of fight or flight. Now I have a bigger sense of tranquility in me.  We nailed it." ~ Nancy from Portugal

"I was amazed at the information that surfaced.  Each event that surfaced, were defining moments in my life from a very young age.  At the time of the event I did not deem it a defining moment, however looking back they were.  After completing the session I felt and feel better.  The “lightness” was incredible.   I highly recommend Doris!  She has helped me to move forward with decisions and healing." ~ Paula

How? Easy!

A lot of people say it is stress, but it is really not stress.  It is negative emotions and I can easily delete those for you.

It may also be spiritual in nature, requiring inner healing or deliverance.  After all, we are body, soul, spirit, and heart.  I have tools, training and experience to help in all these areas, as well. 

All of this, without reliving the pain of the past!

You found your solution!

This can be your safe, affordable,

painless & effective way

to achieve your breakthrough.

Tony Robbins, Best-selling Author, Strategist, Philanthropist

Endorsed the book, written by Dr. Bradley Nelson, called The Emotion Code, which talks about the benefits of this tool.  And this is what Tony Robbins had to say:


"I believe that the discoveries in this book (The Emotion Code [2019 ed.] by Dr. Bradley Nelson) can change our understanding of how we store emotional experiences and in so doing, change our lives. The Emotion Code has already changed many lives around the world, and it is my hope that millions more will be led to use this simple tool to heal themselves and their loved ones."


How Can This Help You?


The best part is that we can access the deepest part of who we are without reliving the pain of the past.  We have the tools to do that!

Actually, who we are is only 5% to 10% conscious.  The subconscious part of who we are actually forms the remaining 90% - 95%..  That means 90% - 95% of who we are is hidden from our normal ability to access it.  Hence, the need for a way to do that.

How do we communicate with this deepest part of ourselves?  Through the strength of our body in how it responds to "yes" and "no" questions.  I can use this analogy to explain a little more clearly, it is as simple as my cell phone connecting to your cell phone.  Do we really know how our phones connect and communicate?  Not exactly, but we do know they do and that it does work.

Science has already shown us proof that DNA can be changed by the voice.  And that is just the start.  These tools are based on cutting-edge science. 

The answers are within you and this is how we can find them to bring about the positive change you desire.   Ready to start?   

Why Choose Me?

Dedicated To Your Success

Ability to see through your difficulties with clarity and compassion.

Grounded in the word of God.

Experienced in ministry.

Student of Bride Ministries Institute as well as a registered student of Courts of Heaven with Dr. Ron Horner Ministries

Author of: "The Book on God's Healing Code

Experience That Counts

23 years experience as Registered Nurse

with a mission statement of "to alleviate suffering"

6 years full-time experience as

Certified  Practitioner in all three codes.

Completed Advanced Deliverance Intensive

Completed Healing The Human Spirit Intensive

Completed Inner Healing Intensive

Hi, My Name is Doris!

Looking for quantum physics-based  solutions? You found them!  We can also include pioneer, cutting-edge biblical approaches, as taught through Bride Ministries Institute Intensives, to get to the heart of the spiritual matter, as well.

Welcome! Born to overcome evil. Tried and refined by the fire of adversity, I personally found the way to freedom; I am ready to lead you "there", also.  

Equipped to help your body, soul, and spirit.

What have you got to lose?

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Also on Youtube Channel: Restored For Life Now

Emotion Code Certification
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 Deliverance Intensive Course

from Bride Ministries

courts certificate accusations 63 kg.jpg

Four Keys to Defeating Accusations Certificate

from Courts of Heaven

Body Code Certification
inner healing certificate small_edited.j

Inner Healing Intensive Course

from Bride Ministries

EN - L3 Belief Code Badge - D2023.png
Human spirit bride certificate small_edi

Human Spirit Intensive Course

from Bride Ministries

Linghering Human Spirit certification certificate courts of heaven.jpg

Lingering Human Spirits

Certificate of Completion

from Courts of Heaven


Other Testimonies  (just a sprinkling from many, many)

From:  Christianne Baggen, Psychologist, And Therapist From The Netherlands

Christianne Baggen, psychologist, and therapist from the Netherlands stated the following:
"During and after my studies to become a psychologist and a spiritual therapist I’ve done a lot of work on myself. Also, I went to retreats and educated myself further.

But part of the unconscious layers of emotions that can create blockages in the body and energetic system I haven’t been able to reach fully and completely and that is what your method seems to focus on.

In that sense, I’m becoming more aware of how the work you are doing can be a valuable addition to the work of psychologists and counselors."

Some Benefits Reported

For most of my life I have lived in very unresourceful states.  Since my early twenties, I have suffered tragedy physically and mentally.  In my mid-thirties,  I started medicating to help me get through my days. In my early forties I suffered my biggest loss and lost all desire to continue.  I have tried all the modern medical and suggested natural methods with little to no success.  Within 3 months of working with Doris my life has completely changed and I now live in complete peace with myself.  Everyone has noticed!  Thank you Doris, my suffering has ended.  

~  Brian T., Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Marlies A Client

In 2015 I was bit by a tick.  Now I am suffering from almost 2 years heavy joint and nervous pains.

I also suffered from pain in my bowels because of a 3 months course of antibiotics.  A friend told me about Doris that she could help.


After the first session, I told Doris at that time that my bowel pain went from level of 8 to probably a level of 2.  A few days later my bowel pain was level 1. Editor notes:  Six days after our session,  Marlies sent word that "My pain is gone now!" ~ Marlies, The Netherlands

I want to relay some feedback to you about our session that was several months ago. This last one has had really long lasting effects and strength. 

Whenever I do an emotional code session with you it seems to get stronger and stronger but this last one seems to have even more profound effects. I feel a more protected strength from what was threatening me. I greatly appreciate you work. I just wish everyone could feel it effective.  ~  Dan A., Georgia, U.S.A. 

Shelbie, A Client

I have had difficulty sleeping ever since I can remember.  I had to count sheep for hours as a child.  As a teenager, I began having night terrors and occasional sleep paralysis.  By my early 20's, I had a full on fear of falling asleep. I'm 33 now, and after two sessions with Doris directly targeting  sleeping issues, sleep comes about 30% easier with a greater quality of sleep.  I have full faith that we are getting to the root of this and that I will be set free from it once and for all in the near future!

~ Shelbie Resendez, Texas

  • Each day I feel more peaceful and have greater mental clarity.

  • No longer seem to get irritated with the public I serve.

  • Able to use a better choice of words/how I express myself

  • Concluded that the results of our sessions are cumulative and permanent.      ~ Christine D., Toronto, Ontario, Canada ​

Vickie, A Client

My first session blew me away.  I felt so calm afterward that I felt as though I had taken something powerful to relax.

It was far more powerful than I ever thought possible.  I slept so soundly that first night, that I never moved for seven hours straight.

It has been only a week now since we started.  Things do not bother me as much as they did before.  I really like this.   ~ Vickie D., Selkirk, Manitoba

able to focus and mental clarity

Negative  self-talk - 80% gone!

Mental clarity & able to focus on a goal increased to 75%


Able to claim my power.  Receiving increased respect from my peers & business associates.

Increased confidence both as a business leader and in the game as an athlete.

Improved athletic abilities.  Crushed my physical training.  My personal trainer was "wowed".

Able to be "in the flow", or as elite athletic trainers describe it:  "unconscious competence".  That means I can focus undistracted, on the results I want, not on "how" to do it.  This is how winners, win.

A better husband and an improved relationship with my wife.

How are all these benefits possible?  

Simple, you are just removing the obstacles in your path.

This is the foundation for all the rest.         ~Kurtis T., Manitoba, Canada

"You will restore me , and make me to live." ~ Isiah 38:16

Is The Emotion Code Safe For Christians?
Is Energy Healing Safe For Christians?

Scripture will come alive like never before!

Read about cutting-edge medical and scientific research that points to truths in the Bible.


Easy-to-understand answers that you have been looking for are now here!  This material may have never been available to you before...until now!

Here is what Nicole said after reading this book:

"The energy concept feels safe to me now that I realize energy

exists as an objective reality and is not just a mystical concept ."

 ~ Nicole, MBA (Masters Business Administration)

Purchase can be made on Amazon

The kindle version is only 7.99

Audiobook 5.95.  Also in paperback.

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