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Christian Answers
for Emotion Code, Muscle Testing & New Age Questions

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Is the Emotion Code safe for Christians?

Is Emotion Code dangerous for Christians?

Is God ok with Christians doing this?

What about muscle testing?


Is this is New Age, sorcery, witchcraft, or in any way connected to the Ouija board or divination.  If you are seeking truth, you will find references from the bible, as well as answers to your questions as much as that is possible from medical research.

This article came about in response to many a distressed Christian asking me these questions.​ 

Here is one example of that:  one of the greatest miracles of nature is the miracle of metamorphosis.  We can see this in the transformation of a tadpole into a frog.  This cannot be properly explained with classical physics only, but requires quantum physics to fill in the gaps.


The information with which you will be presented here, may stretch you a little if you are unfamiliar with quantum physics. Many references will be given that you can pursue further if you wish.  It is my hope that you will come away from this discussion with a deeper appreciation of the greatness and wonder at all of creation around us.  


I welcome your desire to question to seek the truth in these matters so that you may do the right thing – without the shadow of doubt lingering.  And so it should be.

Please allow me to address one thing first.  We learned classic physics in school, which likely set the filter through which we judge how the world works.  Since then, the field of quantum physics has expanded greatly and can now answer many questions that classic physics was (and still is) not able to answer.

Outline of Topics Covered:

#1  Preamble
#2  Seeking Wisdom
#3  One Example of Real-Life Results

#4  Biblical Principles of God's Mercy And Provision  - And we also address the statement:  
    “We are misled by Dr. Bradley Nelson's prayer to God because 
      this is not a biblical prayer to the true G-d.” 

#5  Are We Beings Of Pure Energy As Dr. Bradley States?
#6  What Do  Scientists Have to Say About Us As Beings of Pure Energy? 
#7  Can Our Energy Fields Be Measured?

#8  Are Chakras Demonic or “New Age”?
#9  Is This Sorcery, Witchcraft, Or In Any Way Connected To The Ouija Board Or Divination?

#10  Can the Subconscious Have A Voice?
#11  Can There Be Something Called “Universal Intelligence”?

#12  Can We Really “Erase” Emotions?
#13  Can Emotions Have Frequencies?  And Where Do We Find These Emotions?

#14  Does It Matter If The Book/Movie "The Secret" Talk About People As Being "Pure Energy" Or Using Muscle                         Testing?
#15  Is Muscle Testing (Applied Kinesiology) AK a New Age Method And Is It Valid?

#16  How Jesus Said to Judge A Matter.
#17  Conclusion  & Some Last Words

#1  Preamble 

Before becoming involved in the Emotion Code, I spent time in discernment and prayer seeking the will of G-d in this matter of the Emotion Code.  I wanted to make sure that the Emotion Code was safe for me as a Christian.

I am now going to share a bit of my background.

I come from a nursing background with 23 years of active duty as a Registered Nurse.  That was plenty of time to witness the brokenness and woundedness that was beyond the scope of nursing.  Many people left the Public Health Clinic where I worked in Alberta, Canada for 3 years, utterly broken in spirit. We tended to their bodies, as the clinic was meant to do, but we could not mend their broken heart or their wounded soul.   Then throughout the next 20 years, as I worked in geriatrics,  I witnessed many a dying patient crying for their children whom they had alienated in their youth.  They wanted to make amends before leaving this world, and their children would not have any of it! There was brokenness, heartache, anger, and unforgiveness from all sides.  I had no remedy for that as a nurse.   Witnessing all this suffering bothered me.  I needed an answer.

I began my career as a Registered Nurse with the intent to "alleviate suffering."  After retiring from nursing, I still had not really accomplished that goal to my satisfaction.  Yes, I soothed fevered brows, held dying hands as they left this world, and did all the work a nurse would do.  Yet, despite all the nursing anyone could do, these people still suffered in their mind, body and soul. What was the answer? It happened that when I read the Emotion Code book by Dr. Bradley Nelson, I had experienced an  “aha” moment.  "This could be the answer!", I thought.

nurse with stethescope

Was this the answer to the desire of how I could "alleviate suffering"?  Could this be the tool I have been looking for all my life?  The next question was:  "Is this of G-d"? Then:  "Should I be doing this?"   So I began my feverish search to answer these questions.  Feverish - because lives were hanging in the balance - and I needed to know if this was the right thing for me to become involved with, or not.

It is my hope and expectation that this material will clear the muddy waters around these questions about the Emotion Code being a viable tool to benefit Christians.

NOTE:  The use of the term "G-d".  

This term is being used as a sign of respect for those Jewish people who hold "the name" as so holy it cannot be defaced or removed once it is written.

#2  We Begin By Asking G-d For Wisdom 

It says in James 1:5 NIV If any of you lacks wisdom, he should ask G-d, who gives generously to all without finding fault and it will be given to him. KJV If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of G-d, that giveth to all men liberally, and upbraideth not; and it shall be given him.

Let us ask for wisdom.

"For the Lord grants wisdom!  From his mouth come knowledge and understanding."Proverbs 2:6

#3 One Example of Real Life Results

EC & SRT Safe Recommended.png

The article is a real-life story from one of my clients named Liz.  She is from Florida.  She shares her heart with you so that you can also be set free.

If you are bruised and/or broken, know that what Elizabeth experienced, you can also.  Not only was she set free from many painful memories and physical experiences, but her relationship with Jesus and the Father has grown substantially.  Her story is touching.  I hope you enjoy reading it.  Click the picture to read the story.

#4  Biblical Principles of God's Mercy & Provision

There will come many questions for which we do not have a direct answer in scripture.  So therefore we need to look at biblical principles in order to arrive at a conclusion as to what to choose and what to avoid.


This section on biblical principles will help to answer questions about chakras, muscle testing and other questions handled more fully later on in this article.

For now we will direct this specifically to answer the first question that is along this line:

“We are misled by Dr. Bradley Nelson's prayer to God because this is not a biblical prayer to the true G-d”.  

The first question we need to ask is:

Is G-d good?  Yes.  Will G-d give us anything that is not good?  No.  

Could this gift of the Emotion Code come from G-d?  Well, if He is good, and he gives good gifts.  Perhaps.

Does it really matter if Dr. Bradley Nelson is Mormon or not?  Going back to James 1:5  it does say:  “He  gives generously to all without finding fault.”  Keyword “all.”  He gives to all.  Even if Dr. Bradley Nelson does not have a perfect understanding of G-d, (according to Christian beliefs),  Dr. Bradley Nelson is, to the best of his knowledge, following a biblical principle.  

The principle is this:  ask the Father, in the name of Jesus Christ for wisdom. That is what Dr. Bradley did, to the best he knew how.   I believe The Father will honor that.  Perhaps Our Father also was in anguish at seeing all the suffering and was just waiting for someone to ask that question.

In the New Testament, we often read about Jesus being grieved over the suffering he witnessed.  Since Jesus is the perfect reflection of the Father, then we know the Father is also grieved at our sufferings.  Would He not WANT to give us something to alleviate our sufferings?

a gift in the hand

After all, G-d WANTS to give us good gifts.  Throughout biblical history, G-d used many people outside the faith to bless those of the faith.  There are two examples from the Old Testament:

Read Ezra. King Cyrus, King of Persia, authorized and paid for, the building of a temple in Jerusalem. Was it right for the Jewish people to accept payment from a non-Jew? Notice it was a non-believer who chose to bless the believers.

When the people were finally free to leave Egypt, did G-d not put it on the hearts of the Egyptians to bless the Jewish

people with gifts as they went? Should they have not accepted these gifts because they were from non-believers?

These are but two examples in the Old Testament.

In the New Testament, there was a certain centurion who was known for his financial gifts which built the synagogue. Luke 7:4 says something interesting:  When they came to Jesus, they pleaded earnestly with Him, ”This man deserves to have you do this because he loves our nation and has built our synagogue.”

So again, a non-believer was blessing G-d’s people  - did they refuse the money to build the synagogue because the source was from a non-believer?  

And indeed, Jesus praised the faith of this centurion.  Jesus said:  “I tell you, I have not found such great faith even in Israel.” (That was a reference to the centurion asking Jesus to give his word, since he knew authority and he knew it would be done.)   Here was a non-believer being praised by G-d because of his faith. This is remarkable. How can G-d reward someone who is not a “follower”?  But He did.  He rewarded the centurion with what he had asked for.

These are but a handful of examples.   We see throughout all of the scriptures that G-d uses non-believers to bless believers.  That is another principle at work here.

I don’t think the question here is really “Can we accept the Emotion Code and benefit from it because it came to us through the hands of a Mormon?  I think the real question is:  Can G-d still bless us if the source is not someone we recognize as Christian?

Just as an aside, think to yourself.  When you purchased your vehicle, did you inquire as to the religion of the designers? Perhaps the person who invented the engine, transmission, etc. were not Christian.  Should we use that car if it did not originate through Christian hands?  I bet you never thought to ask this.  

When you enter a room, you flip the switch, and the light turns on.  Did you ever investigate WHO came up with the idea of running copper wires to distribute the energy so that we could benefit from the illumination the light-bulb gives?  No? Why not?  

Think on this point, if we cannot benefit from the Emotion Code because Dr. Bradley Nelson is a Mormon, (explanation - many Christians do not believe Mormons are "Christian"), then maybe we should follow that logical train of thought and not drive the car or use the electricity because perhaps those inventors may not be  Christian, either.

Again, these are only a couple of examples of many that could be given.

We need to apply this same logic across the board to EVERYTHING.  But those who put forth the argument that the Emotion Code is not for Christians because of the origin of it, they are not following this principle of applying this logic to EVERYTHING themselves.  Secondly, they do not seem to be aware of the principle shown throughout history,  which is: that G-d blessed believers through non-believers.

In fact, Christians use many inventions and technologies that were invented by non-Christians.

#5  Are We Beings Of Pure Energy?

We know that we are created in the image of G-d and that G-d is light.
Therefore we are children of light.   Genesis 1:2, 1 John 1:5,  John 12:36.  

We read in Genesis 1 that on day one, He created light. It was only on day four that He created the sun.  Figure that one out.

So G-d created light.  We are beings of light.  Are we agreed so far?

Is light the same thing as energy?

The simple answer to that is “light is a form of energy".   According to one article on  

So it might appear light and energy are, for our purposes, pretty much the same thing.

“Energy” implies “electricity”.  Without long explanations, we know that since we are/or have energy, our body must have electricity.  How can we know this?   We can get an EKG and an EEG reading which gives us a printed read out of the  electrical function of heart and brain.

Next, we discuss the statement that we are  “beings of pure energy” from medical research. 

Beings of Pure Energy

#6  What Do  Scientists Have to Say About Us As Beings of Pure Energy?

representative of an atom

a) In an article titled:   "Nothing Is Solid & Everything is Energy" by Arjun Walia we read:  

"As you focus in closer and closer on the structure of the atom, you would see nothing; you would observe a physical void.  The atom has no physical structure; we have no physical structure,  physical things really don't have any physical structure! Atoms are made out of invisible energy, not tangible matter."

Please note the image above is not an image of an atom.  It is put there to help you visualize what an atom might look like since an atom is made out of invisible energy.

b)  "All matter is 'frozen light, light which has slowed down and becomes solid."  Dr. Rochard Gerber, Vibrational Medicine  

c)  The formula E=mc2  has to do with energy.
The equation means that energy and matter are "really aspects of the same thing" and that "matter is just frozen light." link

Shall we go on?

d)  “Dr. Robert O. Becker., in his book "The Body Electric", states that  DNA must have a "control mechanism". Why?  He says that DNA cannot contain enough information in and of itself to account for differences between two people. Therefore DNA requires a “control mechanism”.  Along with this understanding of a "control mechanism, is the understanding that all biology is energy and this energy is informational in nature.”

e)  Dr. Bruce Lipton, author of the book Biology of Belief, and one of the leading stem cell biologists on the planet, found that our DNA and genes are not the ones controlling our bodies, but that our DNA is controlled from signals that come from outside the cell, and these are signals that come from the energetic messages from our thoughts, both positive and negative.   

f)  We are more fundamentally electromagnetic (energy) rather than chemical beings.  (We are accustomed to thinking of ourselves as chemical beings, but that is only part of who we are.)     

We can now answer the question posed in Section #5.  The statement "we are beings of pure energy" can and has been documented as being "real". Whether or not it is a philosophy of New Age does not matter.  Truth is truth.  Who does and does not use the term “beings of pure energy” does not alter the facts.  I have only given a thumbnail answer, but I think you get the idea.  It seems as though Dr. Bradley may be right about this statement.

#7  Can Our Energy Fields Be Measured?

a)  The Heart Math Institute has 25 years of scientific research showing how stress,and emotions directly impact the heart and brain and affects our energy field also known as electromagnetic field.

What is an electromagnetic field?  According to Encyclopedia Britannica , an electromagnetic field is a property of space caused by the motion of an electrical charge.  

According to the scientific research of the Heart Math Institute:

"This electromagnetic field of the heart extends at least 15 feet in every direction.

This field goes beyond our five senses and is influenced by the power of intention.

This exists within a part of the universal ocean of energy and information which can be accessed by the human mind under the right conditions."

You can learn more about the science of the heart here.

A 3 minute video produced by the Heart Math Institute talks about the energy field of the heart:

b)  From Russia, comes a machine called the GDV (Gas Visualization Discharge), which is almost not known here in the west, but is accepted by the Russian Ministry of Health as a medical technology.  More than 300 doctors, practitioners and researchers use this machine worldwide to monitor their patients before and after surgeries, cancer treatments, energy healing and so on.

This was developed by Dr. Korotkov, a leading scientist internationally renowned for his pioneering research in the human energy field.  Dr. Korotkov is a Professor of Physics at St. Petersburg Federal Research University of Informational Technologies, Mechanics and Optics in Saint Petersburg, Russia.

This GDV machine records data and produces images from the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual energy from people and translates it into a computerized model.

As a result of the computerized model, you can actually see an “aura”, as well as the location and size of each chakra and so on.  Very detailed information can be provided.

Please also see the following three references:

To view Dr. Korotkov "Reveals the Reveolutionary Bio-Well Technology," please click here.

In conclusion, in regards to energy fields, there is documentation to show that energy fields are real, and so are “chakras” “real”

#8   Are Chakras Demonic or “New Age”?

While we cannot find such words as “chakra” or “muscle testing” in scripture, neither can we find the word “trinity”, yet we believe in the trinity.  In order to correctly discern the safety of something, we need to ask if these things violate biblical principles.

G-d is truth and he reveals truth of all.  One example of this in scripture is the story of Pharaoh in Egypt who was given a dream about 7 fat and 7 skinny cows to prepare the county for the coming famine. This is the principle of G-d as the origin and author of truth.

We are continually astounded as to great architecture in the ancient world.  Why should it be surprising that these ancient cultures had wisdom in other areas as well?  Ancient cultures were able to observe and conclude that energy runs in orderly pathways (meridians as discovered by the Chinese) and  that there are circles – or vortexes -  of energy (chakras as written about in the oldest texts called the Vedas in India).  

We serve a G-d who creates order.  This can be seen in The Periodic Table of Elements, one of the most powerful and perhaps least understood tools of science. This author goes on to say  "Everything we observe from plant life, stars, animals, rocks, air and water - virtually everything - is composed of 90 naturally occurring building blocks known as atoms.  Order starts with atoms and the subatomic particles that comprise them."


That should give us pause to think.  Chakras and energy meridians are also the "order" of our own energy system.


Just because we were not able to measure and “see” these prior to this time does not negate their existence.  For the longest time, the medical field did not know how blood ran its course throughout the whole body.  Now we are learning how energy runs its course through the body.

Such things as “energy fields” can now be measured and shown in a visual way.  To see # 7 Can Our Energy Fields Be Measured please click here.  This will provide you with additional information from the Heart Math Institute and the work of Dr.   Korotkov.

Please also read section #4 for additional information where we discuss biblical principles in greater detail.

You can access that here.

Just because chakras and energy meridians were discovered within a culture that included these things within their religious contexts, does not remove the truth of the existence of these phenomena, nor does using the word “chakra” (with the understanding that its name describes its action as an energy vortex) mean we espouse the religion of the cultures that discovered these truths. 


Nor does it mean that we are worshiping demons or partaking of another religion.  The word "chakra" is the simply the description of what it does - acts like an energy vortex.  Nothing more.

Truth is truth, and we have shown earlier in this article that both chakras and energy meridians can be shown to exist by technology we now have.  These things were created by G-d.  What He created is good.  He even said so Himself.

#9   Is The Emotion Code sorcery, witchcraft, or in any way connected to the Ouija board or divination (as some have claimed)?

What is sorcery?

Webster’s 1828 Dictionary defines sorcery as: “SOR’CERY, noun, Magic; enchantment; witchcraft; divination be the assistance of evil spirits, or the power of commanding evil spirits”.

What does the Bible say about sorcery?

It is clear to see that the word sorcery is synonymous with magic and witchcraft as related to supernatural states or works. We see the word sorcery, sorceries, or sorcerers used several times in the Bible.

Is the Ouija board sorcery?  Yes, it is. It is a way to communicate with evil spirits (masquerading as persons who have “passed on”).  

What is the definition of  divination?

The Cambridge Dictionary defines divination as:  “the skill or act of saying or discovering what will happen in the future”.  

Dr. Bradley does caution us that we are not to use the emotion code to ask questions such as:  "what is the winning lottery number going to be?"  That use would be true sorcery and/or divination.  It was not meant for that use at all. 
The proper and intended use of the Emotion Code is to find the answers stored within our subconscious mind.  This is explained more in the section on muscle testing.

There may seem to be a similarity between the The Emotion Code and the Ouija board,  in that they both utilize "yes" and "no" questions.  However, the similarity ends there.  We speak in another section about the body as a computer and that its language can be decoded in "on" and "off" language such as "yes" and "no".  

Having problems believing things that have been written so far? it may just be due to the fact that we learned classic physics in school and  now the lens through which we judge the world is set to operate on "classic physics".  That is understandable.

But what if I told you that classic physics is only part of the answer? That the answer to many of the questions posed in this article is more fully explained by quantum physics.  Quantum physics can seem weird, so we may be tempted to dismiss all that is being presented here today as weird.  But if you wish to take another look at things, through the lens of quantum physics, you may be pleasantly surprised that there is a whole new world waiting to be discovered.

Far be it from me to try to explain quantum physics to you.  But there is someone who can do that for you.  If you just watch a few moments of this visually rich and beautifully filmed  video, you will come away with a new wonder as you look upon the world of quantum biology with new eyes.

Professor Jim Al-Khalili OBE FRS is a British scientist, author and broadcaster. He is a professor of Physics at the University of Surrey.

#10 Can the Subconscious Have A Voice?

This is a critical question to answer.  Since we say we access the subconscious through muscle testing, we need to know if it is possible to communicate with the subconscious.


We can best answer that question after we briefly look at starts, plants, and how parts of our own body communicates, and even how our DNA communicates, since “having a voice” implies that there can be communication.

a)  What about inanimate objects such as the stars?  Can they speak?

We read: "Day after day they (the heavens)  pour forth speech"  Psalm 19:2

 have found the first evidence that stars generate a sound of their own. 

Indeed, yes, “Inanimate objects” can actually “speak”!

b)  What about the plant kingdom? Can plants “speak”?

Here is a video of two plants and their reactions to comments.  One plant was bullied and one was praised.  See the difference in how they responded in this video.

Plants can send out chemical signals and can share these signals with each other.  These signals are through the air and through the soil.  Plants can not only speak, but they can “receive” communication.

c)  Can parts of our body communicate with each other?  That happens all the time;  for example, different parts of our nervous system tell our blood pressure to increase or decrease, etc. 

Just recently in 2018, researchers have found a new pathway from the gut to the brain using neurons that "talk" to the brain using electrical signals the way neurons (in the brain) talk to each other.

Apparently  we can communicate with our DNA.  

Russian researchers found that not only can human DNA be reprogrammed by words but also by frequencies.  

They found that the chromosomes that are part of the human DNA serve as holographic computers.  

They also made a claim that the human DNA is a biological internet. Read more about that here.

More on this subject is discussed under the section #15  Muscle Testing.

So now we see that stars, the plant kingdom as well as how various parts of our body communicate. We can even communicate with our own DNA through words!  (We know that, of course!  Proverbs 23:7  "For as he thinks in his heart, so is he.")


Continuing on with the question:  "Can our subconscious have a voice?”

d)  Let us define what the subconscious is to begin with. 

iceberg representing subconsious

The subconscious is where most of our decisions, actions, emotions and behavior originate which is about 95-99% of our brain activity.  That means that most of our conscious awareness is responsible for only about 1-5% of our decisions, actions, emotions, and behavior.   


 Our conscious awareness is only a small fraction of our brain activity.  We are essentially controlled by our subconscious brain – which, under normal circumstances, we are unable to access. 

See the  picture of the iceberg to the left?  That is a representation of our conscious mind (above the water) and the subconscious mind (below the water).  We normally cannot see what is below the water.

Our subconscious had better have a "voice" since that is where at least 95% of our brain activity goes on.  Should we not have some sort of control or say in what is going on in there?

There must be a way to communicate with it.  But how?

To go back to that section to read it, please click here.

Since our current medical model has a mechanistic understanding of the body, and cannot explain the above, we have to continue to seek for answers

#11  Can There Be Something Called “Universal Intelligence”?

#11  Can There Be Something Called “Universal Intelligence”?

Brian Cox, an British Particle Physicist and a Professor at the University of Manchester, gives an entertaining brief explanation of why everything is connected to everything in just over three minutes.  Very entertaining.  If you need to "see to believe", this might be the most entertaining explanation you might ever see.  

He introduces the idea of connection which is related to the concept of "universal intelligence".  Here is it is:

Everything Is Connected Brian Cox 

The best written explanation of "universal intelligence"?

The following was written by by Terry A. Rondberg, D.C., on a Parker University site under the heading of "Philosophy lV".

"There are some people who believe that G-d is the source of that Universal Intelligence. Others can accept the concept of a Universal Intelligence without even believing in a G-d.  Either way, we know, through observation and deductive reasoning, that such an intelligence must exist in order to prevent all matter from decaying into chaos.

During the Age of Technology – in which the scientific method reigned supreme – such notions were often criticized for being "unscientific." What the critics really meant was that the premise couldn't be proved, and wasn't arrived at through inductive reasoning. Of course, neither was the notion that "All Men Are Created Equal," or that there were space-going vacuum cleaners called black holes (a theory, by the way, also scoffed at when first announced). Yet, the first axiom doesn't require proof, and the second one was valid even before proof was found. So it is with the premise of Universal Intelligence; it is a "truth" so basic that it transcends science and can be arrived at only through deductive logic.

Today, as science expands in the "new physics" and quantum mechanics, a broader view is being accepted. New ideas are cultivated, and deductive reasoning is being recognized as a valid form of logic. The realization that there must exist a Universal Intelligence is being taken for granted at last.

Chiropractors smile at the notion that "science" is only now "discovering" that idea. After all, their entire profession is built around that simple, yet profound truth. Doctors of chiropractic understand that there is order and intelligence to the whole universe. By deductive reasoning, they also know that this order and intelligence applies to every part of the universe, including the human body."

It is my hope that the above quote finally dismisses any "woo woo" in your mind about the term "universal intelligence".  Again, this is NOT a "New Age" idea, and again, if anyone uses this term, you now have the proper understanding as to what they are really speaking about.

#12  Can We Really “Erase”  Emotions?

It seems as though a real “reset” button has been found.

The answer seems to be “yes."

In the first of its kind, a recent study confirmed that memories can be selectively erased.  This research was done at the University of California's San Diego School of Medicine in 2014.

Another “reset” button has also been found.  This one is for the master biological clock in our brain.  This study was done by researchers at Vanderbilt University and was published in the journal, Nature, Neuroscience February 2, 2015.

Here are but two examples from well-respected universities.  

Therefore, using deductive reasoning, if there are some "reset" buttons that can be verified as being built into us, can there not be a "reset" button to erase emotions?

Anchor 1
Anchor 2

#13   Can Emotions Really Have “Frequencies”?
         And where do we find these emotions?

Nicolas Tesla Energy Frequency Vibration

a)  Tesla was the famous scientist who said: “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration.”  

If everything is energy, frequency, and vibration as Tesla says, I suppose emotions have frequencies, also.  Let us look into this further ....

What makes Nicolas Tesla such an important person that we should believe what he said?

He designed the first alternating current hydroelectric power plant in 1896 in the United States at Niagara Falls. The following year it was used to power the city of Buffalo, New York, a feat that was highly publicized around the world.

Nicola Tesla also was a pioneer in the discovery of radar technology, X-ray technology, remote control and the rotating magnetic field - the basis of most alternating-current technology.  These are just a few of his accomplishments.  Much of the advances that have been made, have been built from the foundation of his research.

b)  Our Sense Of Smell Depends on Vibration

Professor Jim Al-Khalili, in the video, The Secret of Quantum Physics, describes how our sense of smell depends on both a chemical receptor AND vibration.  That is at about 21 minutes into the video.  In case you missed it, we posted that video link in section #9. 

c)  Web Pages that Discuss Frequencies of Emotions and Their Measurement:

These are just a small sampling:  (Measuring the frequency of emotions.)  (The magic of quantum.)      (Emotions, frequency & vibration)

In summary, it seems as though emotions really could have frequencies!

And where do we find these emotions? 

a)  Memories can be stored in cells.  We see this interesting phenomena of personality changes sometimes taking place in the recipient after an organ transplant.  The most common organ this occurs with is the heart. Read more at 


b)  Epigenic memory modifies DNA and can alter our genes.  Researchers found that these memories can be passed down 14 successive generations.  One research on how trauma affects the children and grandchildren of Holocaust survivors found these descendants have an abnormal stress hormone profile and are more prone to suffer from PTSD, anxiety and depression.  To read more, click here.

c)  Proof that the stress our ancestors endured can and does affect us.  Mothers who experienced stress during their pregnancy as well as having endured stressful childhood events birthed children who were tested as having measurable changes in their heart rates.  The markers in the body were found that showed a relationship to the stress the mother endured being correlated with lowered ability of the children to adapt to stress.  The stress the mother endured changed the function of the  body of her offspring as well as affected quality of life and even life-span.  Read more here.  

Just a thought.  Maybe it is a good idea to find and eliminate these emotions?  They seem to cause more harm than we once thought.

#14  Does it matter if the book/movie "The Secret" talk about people as being "pure energy" or use the term  “muscle testing”?

Whether any "New Age" book, movie or person use the terms "pure energy" or "muscle testing", or any other term, does not decree that these terms  belong to them.  


G-d created everything, so it all belongs to Him.  

And it all still belongs to Him regardless of who is using any of these terms.  

#15  Is Muscle Testing (Applied Kinesiology) (also known as "AK") a New Age method, or is it a valid tool for assessment?

a)  Before we dive into the topic of applied kinesiology, Let us first define what kinesiology is. defines it as:   “the study of the mechanics and anatomy of human movement.

“Muscle testing” got a bad rap as a result of the “invention” of Applied Kinesiology (AK) by George Goodheart, Jr. who began speaking about it in 1964.  He postulated that certain muscles correlated to specific organs and he put together an elaborate system of diagnosis based on that theory.  That is the concise version of the supposed origin of "muscle testing."

Mr. Goodheart, Jr did NOT invent muscle testing.  What he stumbled upon is as ancient as Adam and Eve and was there all along.  What Dr. Goodheart, Jr. did was apply his hypotheses to an already existing function built within us.

So who created Adam and Eve and built in the ability to hear, see, touch and smell?

We have already established we are made in His likeness.  And He is "truth".

Since we know that we are created in the image of “truth,” it stands to reason that we will be physically strong with truth and weak with lies.  

Let this all sink in a moment. ....

The "muscle testing" we are doing in The Emotion Code has NOTHING to do with AK or "Applied Kinesiology". Please allow me to repeat that .... "NOTHING".    

As we said earlier, we are going back to the source to find the wisdom we are looking for.

Would you like to see a humorous demonstration of the concept I am trying to put forth here?  This is called "Carry truthful, positive, happy thoughts".  This clearly shows how negativity makes his arm weak and positive thoughts make his arm become strong.  Notice that no matter how much the subject tries to resist, he cannot. His body goes weak with a lie.



                                                  To view "Carry Truthful, Positive Happy Thoughts" please click here.

Did this demonstration make you sit up and take notice?  There was no diagnosis of any kind done here.  This is simply showing how our body becomes strong or weak in response to thoughts and words.  This is how practitioners of The Emotion Code utilize this feature that was built into us.

As we mentioned before about "reset" buttons (to see that, click here), we were created with some surprising features.

As a society, we have developed lie-detectors that police use in difficult cases.  Could our creator not give us our own built-in lie detector?  After all, a salamander can regrow his tail if it is cut off.  A goat will immediately raise his Vitamin C level to 10,000 Units in response to stress.  ...  We are all given wonderful gifts.  Could this gift of being able to discern truth from lies be built into us?  A built-in feature we never discovered before?  Something to consider!

Besides which, have you noticed this interesting thing we all do?  When you do not feel comfortable with something or someone, do you not tend to step backward?  When you see something you like/love, do you not want to step forward? This is what the “sway” method of muscle testing is based on.  You go forward if your body “likes” something, and backward if your body does NOT “like” something.  It is a natural thing.  Once you allow yourself to sense this, it will just happen naturally.  It may take a few tries, but it does work.

b)  About the word "code".  As in The Emotion Code.  What does the term "code" relate to?  This is a term used in computer science and refers here to a binary code. provides us with this definition: "based on a binary number system in which there are only two possible states, off and on, usually symbolized by 0 and 1."

Thus a computer "thinks" in "on" and "off".  And like a binary computer the "on" and "off" function can be used to indicate a "yes" or "no" answer.

The subconscious mind can be thought of as the hard drive of our computer.   We already discussed how it is responsible for the origin of 90-95% of decisions, actions, emotions, and behavior.  Under normal circumstances, we cannot access that information.  If we are to be masters of all life (Genesis 1:28) then we need to master our own subconscious mind.

That is where we have an innate method of finding information within our subconscious mind by implementing "yes" and "no"  questioning.  We know that when the body remains strong, this indicates a "yes" answer.

Still not sure if we can liken the subconscious mind as a computer?  Let me throw in this piece of information for your consideration.  According to an article titled:  "Scientists Hack A Human Cell and Reprogram It Like A Computer", they state that "cells are basically tiny computers."  So if a cell is like a tiny computer, what about the subconscious?  Can that not function in a way similar to a computer?  


As we discussed earlier, (click here to go back to that part)  research has proven we can actually use language to communicate with our DNA.  These Russian researches also made a claim that the human DNA is a biological internet.

If you have skipped "Can The Subconscious Have A Voice?", you can access it here

So it stands to reason that if our DNA behaves like a computer, then it does not seem so strange that we can use a sort of computer language (as in a "yes" or "no") to access what is in the computer storage of our subconscious. And that can be done using the strength or weakness of our muscles to determine the answer.

c)  Did we manage to go back to "the source" with the subject of muscle testing?  We were created with many cool features, many of which are just now being discovered.


d)  We are commanded in Genesis 1:28 to be masters of all life.  What is more important than being masters of a part of us that controls 95-99% of who we are?  Should we not be masters of that also?  And have we not been created with a way to do that?

Subconscious Voice

#16  How Jesus Said To Judge A Matter

Jesus himself said to judge a matter by the fruit.

15 “Watch out for false prophets. They come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ferocious wolves. 16 By their fruit, you will recognize them. Do people pick grapes from thorn bushes or figs from thistles? 17 Likewise, every good tree bears good fruit, but a bad tree bears bad fruit. 18 A good tree cannot bear bad fruit, and a bad tree cannot bear good fruit.  Matthew 7:15-20

This is a directive from our creator, himself.  So what is the fruit of the Emotion Code?  Here are just two testimonies of many received:


I am now a  better-functioning wife, mother, and career-woman and I have better-functioning children.  Deanne from Indiana


Everything that Ms. Doris found and told me while working with me resonated with me. I felt physical shifts taking place in my esophagus area as she worked and now, four days later, can attest to the definite relief that has occurred with an acid reflux condition. Thank you very much for this opportunity, for your earnest devotion to help others and for the high degree of professionalism in your work.

Evelyn Villafante Studied Psychology/Sociolinguistics
Ph.D. Program at Yeshiva University, and received her BS Psychology at Boston College.

(Please note that all testimonies on my website, Facebook page and in articles like this, are published with the permission of the clients involved.)

I have many testimonies like the above of complete and utter goodness resulting from this Emotion Code work. If you need to see more, you can go to: 


my website at:

These are full of testimonies of the "fruit" of the Emotion Code (and Body Code).

People ARE being freed of their suffering. That is good fruit.

# 17 Conclusion & Some Last Words

Thank you for taking the time to consider the above. 


Did we stretch your thinking on these matters?   Were you sometimes shocked?


You are not alone.  Niels Bohr (1885-1962) considered the father of physics and who won a Nobel Prize in 1922 in physics said:  "If  quantum mechanics has not profoundly shocked you, you have not understood it.  Everything we call real is made of things that cannot be regarded as real."  Read more here

Final thoughts:​

a)  If in His wisdom and goodness, our Father created:

50,000 – 100,000 different species of fish,

somewhere between 9,000 to 10,000 species of birds,

and 5 million species of insects, etc.,

could there not be multiple ways given to us to be free of our negative emotions, negative thoughts and negative programming? Perhaps The Emotion Code is just ONE of those ways?


b)  In the beginning, our Father spoke and things were created. Jesus said that he only did what he saw the Father doing. We are made in the image of G-d. We are to create and do as Jesus did. And we have been given tools to help us accomplish this task.  Should we be like the one who buried his "talent" or the one who used his 5 to make 5 more?

c)  One of the Greek translations for “power” is “energy”. Maybe energy healing started with G-d? May this is HIS idea in the first place, and every one else borrowed it from there?

May God grant you wisdom in all matters as you walk out your faith.

And remember:

"You shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free."  John 8:32

copyright 2018 

written by Doris Morissette, Certified Emotion Code & Body Code Practitioner

                  retired after 23 years of clinical experience as Registered Nurse

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