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Children Testimonies

Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words ...

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My daughter (almost 3) had her first session yesterday afternoon. I had been praying for help to keep me from being one of those mom's that yelled a lot. At the end of the day I would have huge regrets because of my reactions to my daughter not listening. Thank you Lord my path crossed with Ms Dori!! Almost immediately after my daughter's session I noticed her eyes changed, they became clearer... Last night she was so loving and happy, and slept really well.. most nights she's restless. I am looking forward to what her future sessions bring. Thank you Dori, God Bless You.  Amanda, USA

Received this update after a couple more sessions:

My once defiant child is now happy, loving and a much better listener.

My daughter went to her chiropractor appointment yesterday... Dr. Anne said she could feel a big difference in her.  Amanda, Indiana

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Daphne, From The Netherlands

has a heart-warming story to tell about a certain youth who experienced wonderful breakthroughs in greater ability "to connect", socialize, and convey his feelings. This boy has "ADD" and was struggling in these areas.  He had tried many other ways to improve these limitations, but nothing really helped.   What makes this so remarkable is that the only thing that was different was the removal of his "Heart Wall". The changes came about in a dramatic way as soon as the last segment  was removed.  Do negative emotions hold us back?  It did in this case.

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