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What Is Subconscious Release Technique?


Remove mental and emotional blockages.

Stop the negative patterns of your past.

So you CAN create the life you were meant to live!!!


SRT Global Subconscious Release Technique is how we can deep dive into your subconscious to find and remove limiting beliefs and blocks to your healing.

We can also take care of stressful and painful memories to remove the trauma out of them.

We can remove the power of self-sabotage statements and reprogram your mind (some people prefer calling it "reconceptualize") your thinking.

Some examples of negative statements people have:

Have you ever thought something like this?

I do not deserve to get better, get that job, or (fill in the blanks)?


I deserve to , for example, suffer (fill in the blanks)?

or,  for example,

I am not good enough. I do not measure up.  I need to be perfect.

Photo by Roan Lavery on Unsplash

Examples of Topics We Can Cover

1.  Brain especially for addictions, drug abuse, overeating, learning disabilities

2.  Heart

3.  Digestive System

4.  Blood Cells

5.  Hormone imbalances

6.  Any organ/gland/body part that needs help

7.  Chakras, and other parts of the energy system such as the Aleph Tav Body System

8.  Relationship issues for situations and people that trigger you

     e.g. trust broken, heart broken, feeling betrayed, abandoned, sadness

9.  Sleep

10.Just about anything really....

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