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What Is Subconscious Release Technique?


Remove mental and emotional blockages.

Stop the negative patterns of your past.

So you CAN create the life you were meant to live!!!


SRT Global Subconscious Release Technique is how we can deep dive into your subconscious to find and remove limiting beliefs and blocks to your healing.

We can also take care of stressful and painful memories to remove the trauma out of them.

We can remove the power of self-sabotage statements and reprogram your mind (some people prefer calling it "reconceptualize") your thinking.

Some examples of negative statements people have:

Have you ever thought something like this?

I do not deserve to get better, get that job, or (fill in the blanks)?


I deserve to , for example, suffer (fill in the blanks)?

or,  for example,

I am not good enough. I do not measure up.  I need to be perfect.

Photo by Roan Lavery on Unsplash

Examples of Topics We Can Cover

1.  Brain especially for addictions, drug abuse, overeating, learning disabilities

2.  Heart

3.  Digestive System

4.  Blood Cells

5.  Hormone imbalances

6.  Any organ/gland/body part that needs help

7.  Chakras, and other parts of the energy system such as the Aleph Tav Body System

8.  Relationship issues for situations and people that trigger you

     e.g. trust broken, heart broken, feeling betrayed, abandoned, sadness

9.  Sleep

10.Just about anything really....

Limiting Beliefs Eliminated The SRT Way

It is with great joy that I am announcing the new tool called SRT Global Subconscious Release Technique to address the subconscious mind with limiting beliefs and programs we likely have had since childhood.  Do your positive affirmations work?  Likely not!  Why?  Because of what is buried below your conscious awareness.

We can use this new tool to reconceptualize (some people prefer the word "reprogram") your past limitations so that you can reshape your future.  You do not have to be a prisoner of your past!  Nor do you have to be a victim any longer!

This new tool, along with the current tool, working together are truly dynamite!  

Another testimony:

"I debated between my three deepest issues, and Doris found the core wounds which are the deepest to all three issues at once, which is amazing.  The session was fun, I felt hugged and so much love that it was easy to let go of my deepest things that had the most pain, with Doris it felt easier than ever.  I had several large breakthroughs, after years of trying many other things.  This feels like the end of a bottomless pit I've felt, everything shifted in one session.  Doris has amazing intuition, knows how to get to the gut and core of everything, all in a very loving and caring and special way which makes it feel so easy and simple."  ~ Rakefet S., Israel

Need more proof?

Science has shown us time and again that voice and frequencies can affect our DNA.  That first experiment of this kind was done in Russia by Pjotr Garjajev.    A more recent publication in the Journal of Clinical Epigenetics titled   Application of Sound Frequencies as an Epigenetic Tool is Reversing the Limiting Symptoms of Autism  shows how seriously medicine is taking the science of energy frequencies.

This is the answer you have been looking for!

Experience the painless reprogramming (reconceptualization) of your mind.  This process is suitable to also remove unwanted emotional and physical traumas.  Experience the calm while you remain in control and confident throughout the process

We live in exciting days, indeed!

Time to be transformed! Get Restored For Life Now!

And remember, you are always in control!

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