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Healing The Pain Of Miscarriage & Stillbirth With The Emotion Code

Updated: Mar 28

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Miscarriage or the birth of a stillborn baby generates grief that can remain for decades within our bodies. It may happen that later in life, we may experience lower back pain, feel anxious or lackluster, all seemingly for no apparent reason. Grief from past experiences could be the root cause. Our experiences and memories may have been “stuffed” down because we did not know what to do with them, or even how to handle or express them. By stuffing them down like this, the associated emotions and memories can remain very much alive within our bodies.

I Am Writing To Give You Hope

I am writing to give you hope and to share with you, that your body remembers. Your body may be holding onto the pain. There may be a reason that your body is patiently waiting for you to be ready to acknowledge those past events. Perhaps this is now the time that you can finally and in a safe place, give those memories the comfort and support they need to help them pass through and out of your body.

You Are Not A Failure!

Many women after experiencing a miscarriage, or stillbirth may then feel broken and not “ok”. It is devastating to lose something precious and experience the loss of dreams and hopes for the future.

Neither miscarriage nor the birth of a stillborn baby is something we can just “get over”. The pain and grief are real. Before we can begin to release these feelings, these feelings have to be recognized, allowed, and honored.

You are not a failure!

A Tool That Can Help

Using The Emotion Code, we can find and gently remove these painful emotions and other imbalances, (such as an imbalanced energy meridian or organ or gland or energy center) so that the heart, mind, body, and soul can finally heal from the trauma.

Common places where grief may be stored could be in the sacral and root chakra, liver, liver meridian, and of course, the uterus.

Today, while working with a client we found the memories from decades previously stored in the body began which began to surface when we were working on the liver meridian. We found anger, unreceived love, hopelessness, sorrow, crying and confusion all started to surface. These were all anchored to the year of the stillborn baby that my client delivered.

She mentioned that the twentieth anniversary of this past event was just two weeks away. She shared that labor and delivery were especially hard and that as we began our session today, her lower back began to hurt.

Since she mentioned that her back suddenly hurt, this was something of which to take notice of. It meant that her body was trying to tell us something just surfaced and needed some extra attention. (This is what Dr. Bradley Nelson, founder of The Emotion Code, teaches.)

He calls it: “Follow the pain.”

Follow The Pain

This pain started at a 4/10.

The first thing that presented was cortisol. Then an idea allergy to creating a family. She had been wondering at the time if her body would cooperate with her to create a family in the future. With that came grief, fear, and dread. She also had a despair anchor of “I am not ok”, which was held in by “forlorn” and “resentment.”

Then the uterus was cleared of shock, overwhelm, guilt and helplessness.

Sometimes after a traumatic event, this experience remains in front of us instead of going to where it belongs, which is behind us. That means we cannot seem to get past that trauma when it sits right in front of us. So, we took care of that also.

In the end, my client had a smile on her face. Her lower back felt just fine now, and the anniversary of the death of her stillborn daughter was no longer a heavy day to dread. She no longer must carry the grief and loss of that event.

Although we did not speak too much here about the sorrow and loss related to miscarriage, many of the same areas of the body may be involved as this life event is also associated with loss and grief.

If you are grieving either of these two types of losses, know there is something you can do to help ease the burden.

Please know that neither stillbirth nor miscarriage causes you to become a failure. Contrary to a popular saying, time does not heal all wounds. So what to do then? There is a tool that can help to get you into a better space.

Yes, There Is Hope

The Emotion Code can help bring you into that better space. This tool of The Emotion Code can find and remove the source of your trauma – easily and safely. Would you like to give it a try? What have you got to lose?

The article was written by Doris Morissette

Retired after a 23-year career as a Registered Nurse

Certified Emotion Code & Body Code Practitioner

SRT Global Coach (Subconscious Release Technique)

Inner Healing Fundamentals from Bride Ministries

How To Minister To the Human Spirit from Bride Ministries

Credit for blog photo goes to Mathew Schwartz on Unsplash


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