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Energy Restoration

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The Benefits of Energy Restoration

Energy Restoration joy

This is the missing piece to the puzzle you have been looking for.

This is the best foundation you can begin with to speed the rest of your healing journey. 

Benefits  and comments reported by clients who have gone through this program.

"I've never been closer to my mother-in-law in 20 years since we have been married. And she likes me now.

The best Thanksgiving in 20 years.  People respond more favorably around and towards me."   Krista, Montana


  • Married 8 years.  Libido issue resolved.

  • Able to focus, learn new concepts & retain them

  • Able to take the "calm" I attained through meditation and extend it into my day

  • Christmas loneliness and sense of "not belonging" replaced by calm and a full heart​

In general:

  • Improves all areas of life including relationships and financial

  • A greater sense of calm and clairity

  • Feeling more centered, happy and greater sense of wellness

  • A drastic increase in resilience and energy

  • Feeling more like you feel when you are on top of your game

  • Less prone to being destabilized

  • Less prone to getting carried away with emotions

  • You achieve a high state of coherence

  • Feeling more integrated physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually

What Makes the ER Different From Everything Else?  (And Why You Need It)

This goes where no other Body Code session goes.  We find key information that would hinder your success, if it were not found.

That is because we go to the core of the electrical system and this:

1. Brings coherence (balance)

2. Sets the foundation for your body to work as well as it was intended to work

3. Speeds up all future work done.

Corrections are done utilizing the same tools as used in the Emotion Code and Body Code.

What System Does The ER Work With?

The ER works with the energy system of the body which is part of the blueprint of how were were created by God  and supersedes the law as given by God.  This was created on the sixth day of creation as part of Adam and Eve and God called it "very good".

We also read:  "I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well."  Ps 139:14  We are truly grateful for his wonderous works which science can now begin to verify.

This Will Be Done In Two Parts

Part One - Energy System Coherence

Regardless of what your "issue" is, key blockages will be found at the core of this system.

Just as we learn in the "fracking" industry ("hydraulic fracturing" where high pressure  water, sand and chemicals are pumped  deep underground to extract natural gas or oil), too much pressure can create damage. This principle applies to all of life.  Including our own lives as well.   If applying great amounts of pressure can cause a "fracture" to occur in rocks, so this principle can be applied to our own lives.  Too much pressure from painful events, people and even our own thoughts can cause our own energy system to "fracture".  What is true in one part of nature is true across all of nature.  Too much pressure can cause negative changes.  We need to address this damage to your core, because whatever caused problems on the surface of your life, is also hidden in your core.  

Part One will help to integrate body, soul and spirit.  The closer we are to the ideal degree of integration, the better we can function in life.   We also look at the four domains of human existence:  mental, physical, emotional and spiritual. The higher the numerical value (with 100% being ideal) the better we can face and handle the challenges of life.

One extraordinary benefit seen so far is that Heart Walls have not come back!  A common complaint people have is that they can come back again and again.  This may indicate they need to look at the core of the system, because the answer may be the body is trying to protect itself from something.  And we remove the need for that protection as part of the ER.

It is by the end of Part One that people notice their Heart Walls have come down.  And if you have had your Heart Wall (s)  taken down, you will see deepened benefits regarding personal relationships.   

** A note about these Heart Walls.  Here we are speaking of those massive ones that normally take many Emotion Code sessions to come down.  There are often classified as "hidden" and "secret" etc. ones.  These come down quickly with this ER. 


Now, along the way you might come across a "Heart Wall" composed of one emotion, this type really should have its own name to separate it from the other massive walls.  It will come down as easily as one plain emotion should you come across it.

The "formula" for Part One is proprietary to Restored For Life Now.

Part Two - Heart Coherence Foundation

This second step removes emotional blockages that come from our past that prevent the heart, mind and emotions from working  together.

Why do we need to address this separately and specifically?  The heart has its own energy field.  This fact has been scientifically documented for 40 years by the Heart Math Institute.  We need to address this system on its own if we are going to be thorough and successful to address the deepest part of any issue.

You see, the heart is controlled by three systems.  They are the autonomic nervous system, the hormonal system and its own electrical system. They all have to work together.   Yes, indeed, the heart has its own system of ganglia (clusters of neruons) which allow its own electrical system to regulate itself. 

Since all three systems are susceptible to dysregulation, we need to address the core of this system as well.

The Heart Math Institute uses meditation to return to balance.  If you are someone who meditates, you should find this will streamline the process.

The "formula" for Part Two this is proprietary to Restored For Life.

What Can I Expect?

Before we start, we will do an assessment.  After each time, we will  take another measurement so that you are able to see your progress.

How many will I need?

Each person is unique. 

On average 3 - 6 sessions only for Part One. Note:  There are 3 - 30 minute sessions included in the $159 3-pack.)

Then an additional 3 - 6 on average for Part Two. 

How many depends on two factors: 

1)  Your age (if you are young, there should be less to find than if you were, say in your sixties.)

2)  How much trauma and drama you have been through in life.  The more of that, well, the more we need to clear out!

Some Success Stories

Written permission has been received before these have been published, as is our policy across the board.

Note:  Restored For Life Now cannot guarantee any specific results.  None of our testimonials constitute a warranty or prediction regarding the outcome of any individual using The Emotion Code™ or Body Code™ for any particular issue or problem.

Chronic, Relapsing Low Energy Condition

I’ve done three sessions and I’m beyond delighted with the impact I’m noticing.

I’ve been struggling with a chronic, relapsing low energy condition for over 6 years
And I was trying my best to live with what I called my “kitten strength”

Learning to operate on an “energy” budget where the least little physical or cognitive effort would deplete my fragile energy stores

A most humbling and frustrating state to be in for this former high energy person.

After 6 years of trying everything under the sun to recover, 
I’d pretty much decided to live with it and make the best of my limited life; when I came across Emotion Code.

I found Doris!

And just knew her work was key for my further recovery. 

She suggested that we begin with ER work.

And I’ve had three sessions in the last few weeks


I am so hopeful that I will actually recover.

I’ve noticed a marked improvement in my physical energy and endurance.

But the best test of all was this past weekend (after only 2 sessions), I attended a three day educational workshop. And I was nervous to attend, as I usually “noodle out” after an hour of intense focus.

I was so so delighted to discover that I was able to pay attention, learn new concepts and retain them.

A credit to the excellent instructor of course, but I’ve tried to attend many conferences in the last few years and I usually end up lying on a bench somewhere or reclined in my car trying to “recharge my batteries”.

I made the full three days!!!
Learned so much 
Was confident in my cognitive achievements 
And had energy to drive home 

This is truly life changing 

I can’t wait to keep going  ~ Kelly

No More Fighting! 

Then, Christmas happened: for as long as I can remember, my parents, my sisters and I would always spend half of that day fighting, almost ruining it. And I perpetuated this "tradition" with my husband through the many years of our marriage. But this Christmas was different; no fighting at all! My husband also noticed. I am 100% sure that it's thanks to these ER. If you are wondering whether or not to work with Doris, do not hesitate any longer.  It will be your greatest gift to yourself!  Karyne, Quebec, Canada

For more success stories, please go to this page here. 

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