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This page will be dedicated to the success stories of people who have participated in our Energy Restoration program.  Aside from removing Heart Walls (and keeping them away), various and interesting results have been reported.  Please note that generally speaking, we have seen improved interpersonal relationships and decreased anxiety as pretty standard fare.  Each person comes away with their own set of benefits.  Following are just some benefits we have seen. 

You will find additional Testimony pages; each one will address a different segment.  There is one for each of the following categories:

Emotion Code

Body Code



You will find them under the "Testimonies" tab above.


Written permission has been received from each client to publish their story before publishing.

Best Thanksgiving Ever!

Best Thanksgiving NOW.png

After 20 years of drama at Thanksgiving get-togethers, Krista was  amazed to find that the Energy Restoration (which also takes out the heart wall), was likely responsible for this wonderful turn of events!

This was the closest she has ever felt to her mother-in-law!

What a joy it is to set families free of negative reactions caused by heart-walls.  In this case, it changed the whole family dynamics as a result of removing the heart-wall from just one person in the family!

Would you like your heart-wall to be removed also?  I would be happy to help you!

"Traditional" Christmas Stress Gone!

Just after these sessions started, I began to feel tired for no apparent reason. Then I realized the timing of it all. Also, what Doris was finding was deep stuff that had affected me for many years about which she did not/could not even know. But there it was in her written reports. 

To help overcome this, we spaced the sessions more, which enabled my energy to come back gradually. 

Then, Christmas happened: for as long as I can remember, my parents, my sisters and I would always spend half of that day fighting, almost ruining it. And I perpetuated this "tradition" with my husband through the many years of our marriage. But this Christmas was different; no fighting at all! My husband also noticed. I am 100% sure that it's thanks to these Energy Restoration sessions. If you are wondering whether or not to work with Doris, do not hesitate any longer.  It will be your greatest gift to yourself!  Karyne, Quebec, Canada

Note from admin:  This improvement in family relations would likely extend to any family gathering/festive occasion and seems to be "permanent".  

Libido Lost & Found

The years 2010-2011 were really difficult times for me.


In December 2010, I went through a terrible heart/soul-breaking separation, which, caused me to become disconnected from my body. My main symptom was my complete loss of libido. 

Two months later, I met my husband. I somehow knew he was the right guy, but I could not feel it. I took a leap of faith because I could not toss away all the synchronicities of our relationship. It felt like I had a big shadow inside my soul that would cover every sensation. I then went through a burnout the following months because several other stressful events showed up.


It was when the doctor told me that I  had to take anti-depressant medication, that I then decided to seek psychological support. It helped, but not totally. I was never able to lift the shadow completely or feel intimate desire for my husband again like I used to before all these things happened. I can still recall the numbers of time I did feel that desire in the eight years of being with my husband.  I could count the number on one of my hands.   This healing has been a long time coming for me.


I can now say/feel that this libido issue has resolved, thanks to you.

Name withheld due to privacy reasons.

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