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Found My Voice Again. Thanks Emotion Code!

Updated: Mar 28

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You’ve heard about The Emotion Code and its benefits. But, you may still be wondering “Since I’m Christin is this safe? Should I be doing this?”

The answer is yes. Why? Because of the fruit. It is written: Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them Matthew 12:33

Here is a story of one session with Kevin from Manitoba; his name has been changed for confidentiality. This is where the benefits of The Emotion Code for Christians, really shines for all to see. You will be inspired by how this wounded warrior became refitted for war again.

Kevin Just Wanted His Ears To Stop Ringing

Kevin shared with me that the reason he was embarking on this healing journey, using The Emotion Code, was because he knew there were things deep inside him. Things that needed to be healed. He was preparing for the time he was called to “step up to the world stage”. It was time to fulfill his calling of preaching the gospel.

The purpose of our session today was to see what we could do about the ringing in his ears. This had plagued Kevin for decades. Using the tool of the Emotion Code, we began to search for the underlying block that was preventing the breakthrough/healing.

The whole session brought forward information from the age of 12 – which is about 40 years prior!

Memories of Humiliation & Frustration Came Flooding Back

Kevin suddenly had memories flooding back as he recalled the humiliation and frustration that was involved in his memories. Finding the emotions is so important and can help guide the way to further healing.

As per usual in an Emotion Code session, we find the underlying issue. Once we find the underlying issue, we look for the emotions involved. Then, when we find those, we can remove this negative energy - using intention.

Now That We Found The Cause, We Can Do Some Deep Inner Healing

Now, since we are dealing with someone who has Christian beliefs, we could do even more.

We can bring in tools for inner healing.

Now that we located the cause of the problem, we could take this certain inner healing tool that enables deep forgiveness. Deep forgiveness usually results in transformation. The tool we used today is credited to Dr. Dennis Clark called “Drop Down Into Your Spirit”. It is there that we meet with Jesus to exchange our brokenness for his restoration. This can be very transforming.

An example of how this tool works can be found in this video:

During his session, I instructed Kevin to go to this special meeting place with Jesus and bring Him this situation - which was the memory of not having a voice. The memory involved a conversation that transpired when he was 12 years old and it was between himself and his father. What he brought in for transformation, were the stinging words his father said to him.

I suggested to Kevin that this situation could be presented in any format he felt comfortable with. It could be dragged in like a big Santa sack. Or it could be brought into His presence on a tray. How it was brought in, was not the issue.

Kevin went in to see Jesus. My role was that of intercessor. While he was approaching Jesus, silently within himself, I approached Jesus silently within myself on behalf of him. I saw Jesus present him a gift of a quiver of arrows.

Here is the scripture that goes with that image:

He lifts up a banner for the distant nations,

he whistles for those at the ends of the earth.

Here they come,

swiftly and speedily!

27 Not one of them grows tired or stumbles,

not one slumbers or sleeps;

not a belt is loosened at the waist,

not a sandal strap is broken.

28 Their arrows are sharp,

all their bows are strung;

their horses’ hooves seem like flint,

their chariot wheels like a whirlwind.

29 Their roar is like that of the lion,

they roar like young lions; Isiah 5: 26-29

What is the significance of the quiver of arrows? We are all called to be warriors, however Kevin has been preparing mentally and physically for the day the Lord calls him into the battlefield for souls; perhaps answering “He whistles for those at the ends of the earth. Here they come, swiftly and speedily!”

"Rinse And Repeat"

We repeated this process of “Drop Down Into Your Spirit” for the words of self condemnation spoken by Kevin himself in response to what his father spoke to him. Those words had to do with his feelings of low self worth and powerlessness.

This time, Jesus had another present for Kevin. He blessed his words. And for a man who felt he had no real voice he got one today.

Jesus blew this into him: “I will make my words a fire in your mouth.” Jeremiah 5:14, he said.

Today that scripture accomplished the work for which the Lord sent it to Kevin.

After this inner prayer time was concluded, Kevin and I were discussing what had just transpired. Now, at this time in our journey he had yet shared his struggles with not having a voice since a young child.

Although we began looking for the reason for his ear ringing issues, Kevin confessed, he never felt he had a voice.

It was his deepest wish to regain his voice and a rather important requirement if you feel called to preach the gospel! The Lord honored his deepest wish!

Do you know anyone who feels he has no voice?

Can you relate?

In fact, one of his favorite movies he shared with me is called: The King’s Speech:

He sent me a clip of that movie which you will surely enjoy on how the king found HIS voice.

He said that he could totally relate to that video clip.

Kevin found his voice!

Today, not only was the past event healed of negative emotions along with the resulting limiting beliefs about himself, but today, he got his voice back.

Today, the Lord equipped him mightily.

In summary, Kevin came to me because he felt called to go preach the gospel. But, he knew he needed to prepare and clean up some. Today, in one session, the Lord went beyond the pain and restored and transformed him to be ready for his calling. Now he is equipped to fulfill his destiny.

Today was an example of how we can bring our pain and unforgiveness before the Lord, first using the Emotion Code to find all the feelings and memories that had been forgotten. Then we use the inner healing tool by Dr. Dennis Clark called “Drop Down Into Your Spirit”. By using this approach, not even a crack is left open for the enemy to pierce through.

Today allowed a deep repentance over forgotten memories, and a total cleansing of that time. Receiving a quiver of arrows and the gift of words of fire are only a bonus to all that happened today.

Kevin is now better equipped to fulfill his destiny. The one that God created him for.

He is now better equipped for his calling of stepping out to the world stage.

What destiny have you been called to? Do you need some preparation to be all that you are called to be? Now you know the way forward!

Permission to tell this story here has been freely given, as all the stories shared on site have been freely given.

Article Written by Doris Morissette,

retired nurse after a 23-year career as Registered Nurse

Certified Emotion Code & Body Code Practitioner

Subconscious Release Technique Coach

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