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Is Muscle Testing Safe For Christians? RestoredForLifeNow

Updated: Mar 28

Are you a Christian and wondering if muscle testing is safe for YOU?

The answer is yes.

This article will discuss “in person” testing. To read about the safety of “distance” testing, you can find that article here.

What Is The Purpose of Muscle Testing (MT)?

MT allows the body to communicate information to us about itself. It is a way made by God to allow us to tune into what our body needs. It allows our body to “talk” to us. Just like it can “talk” to us in ways that we have already verified as true, such as “lie detectors” used by the police, and EEG and EKG machines that doctors use to interpret the health of those parts of the body.

MT is just another form of communication. We will discuss further down in this article, a little more on the “how” that is done.

Unlike some forms of “energy healing”, MT does NOT involve “channeling” or “divination” or any form of “witchcraft”.

We need to make that very clear from the beginning, because many Christian sites assume that the information is gathered from “elsewhere”. It is not. The source of the information is the body itself.

Our God is a God of communication. Remember, he came to visit Adam and Eve in the cool of the day.

Would he not make a way for us to communicate with our deepest self? After all, he made a way for stars to speak to us! Is it so far fetched that he could make a way for our own body to speak to us?

We read:

The heavens declare the glory of God;

the skies proclaim the work of his hands.

Day after day they pour forth speech; Ps 19:1-2

Sounds poetic, but scientists have discovered that stars actually produce a sound!

Would you like to hear how the stars sound?

The sounds made by stars are inaudible to our human ears but by utilizing mathematics and frequencies, we can “hear” them.

In the same way, our human ears cannot “hear” what our body is saying, but there is a way that has been invisible to us so far which allows our body to “speak”. 1. (He made all things visible and invisible. Col 1: 16.)

Who Created Muscle Testing?


Some people mistakenly say Satan created muscle testing. Is it recorded anywhere that Satan made anything?

We read:

“For in him all things were created: things in heaven and on earth, visible and invisible, …; all things have been created through him and for him.

He is before all things, and in him all things hold together” Col 1 16-17

Who is Jesus? He is the way, truth and life. John 14:16 Emphasis here is on the word “truth”.

To summarize, Jesus is truth and everything that was created was done so through and for him. He also holds everything together.

To summarize from the scripture, ALL things were created through Jesus, including invisible things. Just because we cannot see things with our eyes, does not mean that those things are bad.

As stated above, we cannot hear stars speak with our human ears, so just because we cannot “hear” or “see” this communication does not mean it is not valid.

Going back to the account of creation in Genesis, we read six times that God said that what he created was good. And on the last day of creation, when he created Adam and Eve, he said it was very good.

All God created was good and done through Jesus Christ. All visible and invisible things of creation.

Here is a video of the founder of The Emotion Code showing how MT is done.

How Does Muscle Testing (MT) Actually Work?

To keep this simple. Just think to yourself. How do you react when someone comes towards you that you really do not like. Do you find yourself stepping back (or at least wanting to?)

That would correspond to the “sway test” where the “no” answer is your body going backwards.

Now to bring another example forward, how do you feel when someone you really want to meet comes into the room? Would you just naturally step forward to be closer to them? Yes, you would!

That would correspond to the “sway test” where the “yes” answer is your body going forward.

It is really that simple.

Why? It is built into us by the creator of all things seen and unseen.

How Do You Muscle Test?

The sway test mentioned above is one of my favorite ways of MT.

Before asking your body a yes or no question, you want to bring yourself to a calm neutral space, so that you are not influencing the outcome.

You then ask the question, such as: Is the answer in the left column? (We are using the example of the Emotion Code chart.)

If you are getting a “no” signal from your body, your upper body will go backwards.

If you are getting a “yes” signal from your body, your upper body will go forward.

You can then refine the question and ask. Is it in the odd row or even row?

Then you can narrow down the questioning further until you come to the emotion that you were looking for.

If you would like to see an example of MT, you can click on this link:

Here is a simple, short video called "Carry Truthful, Positive, Happy Thoughts" that demonstrates the power of truth versus lies.

Some People Say That MT Was Not Discovered By A Christian, And It Is Therefore To Be Avoided, Is That True?

The answer might surprise you.

In fact, many sites Christian sites tell us that Applied Kineseology was developed by George Goodheart who got his information by psychic means. And that therefore, we need to stay away from MT because of this. But we are comparing apples and oranges here, folks!

Remember, Satan is the Father of Lies. He comes to steal, kill, and destroy. So before you allow him to steal one very precious gift given to you from God, let me try to clarify what the real truth is here!

Applied Kineseology is not the same thing as Muscle Testing. Not at all. This is a common point of confusion which I would like to sort out for you.

Applied Kineseology is a system of diagnosis based on the idea that certain muscles are related to certain organs.

THEN using this built-in tool that was placed within us since Adam and Eve, he could make his system work. This built-in tool (given to us by our creator) works very much like the lie detectors that police use.

He, George Goodheart, only applied a method of diagnosis based on our natural ability to use this natural lie-detector placed in us from the beginning.

To say that he “discovered” this method overlooks the fact that our ability to be strong with truth or weak with lies comes from this built-in, natural lie detector tool from our creator that we call MT.

In its purest form, MT is done by asking yes and no questions as we look for the truth. It is used to answer yes and no questions and that is it.

In contrast, what Applied Kineseology does is use MT to create a system of diagnosis.

That is apples and organges, folks!

This built-in feature, which we call MT, accesses our very deepest selves, called the subconscious. In fact, science says that 95% of who we are is contained within the subconscious. How else can we access that part of who we are, but by a way given to us since humans began.

These two methods are therefore two separate things.

When using The Emotion Code we are NOT diagnosing anything. We are not saying, oh gosh, this muscle is weak, that must mean that this certain organ or gland is weak. No.

We are using the built-in function that was given to us by our creator to determine what is truth and what is a lie.

Remember we are created in the likeness of our creator.

"Let us make mankind in our image, in our likeness, Gen 1:26 NIV

“I am the way and the truth and the life John 14:6 NIV

Since we are made in the image of “truth”, then we will be strong with truth and weak with anything else.

I hope this settles the matter for you.


I hope you feel comfortable with this built-in gift from God that you can use to find the truth of a matter. It is biblical and safe.

If you are wondering if muscle testing is safe for Christians when done from a distance, you might like to read the next article. (Link will be posted in September 2021.)

I look forward to working with you!


Article Written by Doris Morissette,

Certified Emotion Code & Body Code Practitioner

retired nurse after 23 years as Registered Nurse.

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