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SRT Transformed Powerless Former Addict (Subconscious Release Technique)

Updated: Mar 28

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SRT Global (Subconscious Release Technique) has many benefits, helping to help transform mindsets. SRT is a tool that can dive deep into the subconscious, finding the root to feeling powerless. In the case of Michael from Manitoba, he chose to tell his story so that others may benefit. Here it is.

I came back home at 32 years old because I had nowhere else to go.

My last place of residence was a tent in the back yard of a friend. Before that, it was a room in a boarding house; all I owned at this point was a cell phone and a car.

The ground had fallen away from under my feet.

Slowly and consistently I painted myself into a corner. I handled a life problem by getting some drugs so I could forget the problem. Essentially, I ran away.

I did not have a reliable outlet for the anger and rage inside of me. So I stuffed it down with drugs.

I did crack cocaine for about four and a half years.

My first free day from Crack Cocaine was December 14, 2007. Prior to that, my drug of choice was alcohol, which I did to excess. Since then, I dabbled in other things, but my go to was lighting up a joint (marijuana). That helped me feel “normal” so that I could cope. At least it took the edge off my inner pain.

I avoided therapy.

I thought that doing therapy meant that you were not normal and I already felt super judged. So I thought, why should I subject myself to more judgement and labelling?

At this point, I felt utterly powerless. Actually, come to think of it, I felt powerless since I can remember. I suppose the anger and rage came from feeling powerless. I was festering in emotional pain and confusion. It seemed that I could not live up to the standards my family, girlfriend, and employer had of me.

I had nowhere to go, but up.

But, I had no idea how to get there.

So I arrived back home, essentially broke with no resources.

I had nowhere else to go.

Mom had a suggestion.

She shared why not try working with Doris? Mom said “She helped me with my shoulder and with working through my grief, maybe she can help you also?”

I had no idea what my mom was involved with, but I was ready to try anything.

At this point, I had run out of options.

Even so, I was apprehensive about jumping into something new. I had no idea what to expect.

You know, it is hard to change when we are comfortable. I had no reason to change until now, because I was comfortable with my choices. But, things were no longer comfortable. Something had to change.

In the first session, we got right down to the core.

Although I had no idea what we were doing, I just followed the instructions. Doris began our work together using SRT Global (Subconscious Release Technique) and to the current time, the only tool we used was this SRT.

I came to realize that as a consequence of something that happened in Grade 2, I thought that people did not like me. I had always made friends easily until then. But, after what happened there, I shut down. I went from being an explorer to a recluse. That event in Grade 2 was the catalyst for the paradigm shift in me. Later on, that developed into me not being able to trust people.

“What if these people do not like me?” That became my default. I did not feel accepted by this group of kids, in Grade 2, whom I idealized. My need for acceptance was dashed. So now my go to thinking was “What if they do not like me?” “Should I bother?” “Is it worth it?” “Am I worth it?”

By the end of the first session, my mood shifted.

My thought was “I feel like today is going to be a really productive day.” And so it was.

Each session after that brought new insights and I consistently gained back the ground I had lost.

Man picking up rocks wearing a back pack

I had previously felt weighted down with things I could not control. Since beginning this work, I have felt less encumbered by baggage.

In fact, at one point, I even mentioned that I felt like I was taking a lot of heavy rocks out of my backpack.

One area we explored was my tendency to do things “half ass”. Really, why bother? Even one of my former bosses told me (after I had had pushed myself and put all my hard work and effort into the job), told me “Is that all you did?” Man, I thought “Get off my freaking back.”

We have had ten sessions now.

I feel a lot more confident in a lot of areas and I feel more space emotionally and mentally. My anxiety is getting less and less.

The best part of it, though, is this.

I have more clarity of thought.

Let me give you an example.

sunset over mountains and clouds

This past week-end I was able to get back into my spiritual exercises. I usually do that while sitting by the lake.

Normally my negative thoughts would take over after five minutes.

But this time, things were different, for the duration of the the whole hour, I felt like I was soaking in a calm pool of awesomeness.

I was able to actually think through a plan for my life.

And, I even got an inspiration for a project at work. I was able to draw out a floor plan for a new project. I was actually able to apply myself and get the job done fairly easily. It felt rewarding.

But, more rewarding was that my new boss was impressed with it. The place where I am working is looking to double production. Things are looking up!

In only ten sessions, I see a transformation. I have hope. I feel I have a future now.

My life has been transformed.

Notes from Doris Morissette

The tool of SRT Global (subconscious release technique) allows us to safely go deep into the subconscious layer of our minds; where the limiting programs reside. Results can be quick as we see above. I am honored at the trust Michael placed in me.

We compassionately walked into his inner sacred ground to find and remove his feelings of brokenness. I am honored to help him to "fill up" with goodness and wholeness. My mission is to alleviate suffering and seeing the transformation in Michael has been very rewarding. His story does not end here as he continues with the process of transformation.

For those Christians who are concerned as to whether or not the Subconscious Release Technique (SRT Global) is safe, please know that an article covering this topic will be available soon. As I have brought biblical and scientific proofs of the safety of the Emotion Code tool, so this tool will be discussed and thoroughly covered. In short, the answer is "yes", SRT Global is safe.

Doris Morissette,

Retired after a 23-year career as a Registered Nurse,

Certified Emotion Code Practitioner and Body Code Practitioner

SRT Global Certified Coach Level 1, 2, and 3.

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