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Prophesy to the Mountain of Cancer for the Glory of God

Updated: Mar 28

Cancer is a scary word and receiving a diagnosis containing that word can create a huge amount of fear. How do you build up your faith to believe when you suddenly face cancer in YOUR life? How do you speak to that mountain?

G-d, in His mercy, provides (Jehovah Jireh). This is the story of not just one, but two of His ways of provision, healing, and restoration. One provision was to address an emotional wound of “less than” and the other for “cancer”.

You Might Be Asking Yourself: "Why Is This Article Included In This Emotion Code Website?"

Good question! I have many Christian clients that come to me with big needs. The Emotion Code is an excellent tool that helps us aim at the imbalances and the root of the issue presented. Things, like fear, stress, a sense of impending doom, and much more.

But, as Christians, we have additional tools we can use. We can flow in the Holy Spirit gifts such as prophecy and others including the gifts of healing. The story you are about to read contains both those elements.

Just so you know, you will receive prayer in addition to Emotion Code (if you wish). I cannot promise any results; no one can. But we can pray and believe together and let G-d do the rest.

This is my story of what happened when I visited a particular congregation.

This Story Begins Like This.

Before leaving on a vacation in Kansas City I had made arrangements with the rabbi of a certain messianic congregation in that city. I wanted to join in worship with them.

When I arrived that morning, I was a few minutes late. The music ministry was already leading worship. Tears rolled down my face as I heard the song they were singing. It was the song called “Jew and Gentile” by Joel Chernoff.

You can view and version of this song below;

The Emotional Wound of “Less Than”

A thought immediately came to my mind. “Did the rabbi tell the music ministry of my anticipated arrival this morning? What this their way of making me feel welcome?” I suppose I will never know the answer to these questions.

But, whichever the reasons, the song certainly sets the stage for what Jehovah Jireh was about to release that morning.

You see, I always felt slightly lower than Jews in the eyes of G-d. I felt lower because He speaks in the Bible that this was His chosen people group. Somehow, I always felt “less than,” because as the bible says, I was “adopted” into the family of G-d. Somehow, adoption did not feel as good as being a child born into the family.

Note: The bible says that gentiles were as wild olive branches (all leaves and no fruit) grafted into a good fruit-producing olive tree. (No one in their right mind would graft into a tree an inferior branch, of which the wild olive branch was; since the tree would produce inferior fruit.)

But G-d…

He was about to heal that inner emotional wound of mine. He would also make the words of the song spring into reality for a certain young man in the music ministry. That young man, the music leader, had recently been diagnosed with cancer.

Setting The Stage

So that you may appreciate what was about to spring forth, here are some of the words to the song:

Jew and Gentile by Joel Chernoff

Help us, father, to love one another …

Heal our wounds

Bind us together

So the world might believe,

Jew and Gentile,

one in Messiah

One in Yeshua,

one in the olive tree …

We are just setting the stage here.

The Ladies Dancing To The Music

The ladies made a circle and were dancing, as I have seen Jewish women dancing in a circle, do. With big smiles on their faces, they beckoned me to join them. It was comical, as I did not know when the circle would turn and go in the opposite direction, so I would crash into the lady beside me. They all seemed to know when to turn the circle the other way, but I surely did not. The ladies just laughed it off, finding my learning curve to be amusing. Yet, they made me feel warmly welcomed. I was so grateful to have been invited to dance with them.

The Stage

Afterward, we all sat down to listen to the rabbi. I could not help but notice the music group behind the rabbi on the stage. One particular fellow piqued my interest. It was the pianist. He had a white cone over his ear. I was thinking, what in the world is that?

Drum Roll, Please. Get Ready!

Once the service was over, the rabbi announced to the congregation that the music leader (the fellow playing piano) had been diagnosed with cancer. The doctors had taken a biopsy to confirm whether it had metastasized to his brain, or not. That was what the cone was for. It was protecting the area that had been biopsied.

The pastor invited the congregation to pray for his condition so that cancer would not metastasize. My heart filled with compassion for this young man, as well as the family he may have to leave behind should the cancer progress further.

So, as I was not known to the congregation, I felt it best to step back. I was not sure what the protocol was for someone like myself who was just a visitor. I wanted to show them respect.

The pianist and the rabbi stepped down from the stage and onto the middle of the floor area, with all the congregation then gathering around them.

I stood off from the group and watched them gather around the pianist. I joined in silent prayers for him (albeit at a distance). As I heard their prayers, the tone indicated to me grief and a sense of helplessness (as they symbolically addressed this giant mountain of cancer). I heard, in their tone of voice and by the choice of the words they used, that their collective feeling was helplessness. It felt this helplessness was greater than their ability to see the mercy of God released. I believed the mountain scared them. It is hard to describe, but in the spirit realm, I could “see” their prayers hitting the ceiling and then falling.

I felt a great deal of sadness engulf me as I witnessed this. My sadness mingled with compassion for the plight of this young man.

Then, I remembered the words from scripture: “He had compassion on them and healed their sick.” Matt 14:14 NIV

Then It Happened

It was then that the Lord whispered in my ear. “Go tell him: ‘I am the God that healeth thee.”

My heart almost leaped out of my chest and my knees began to shake. I probably turned pale.

I argued with Him:

“Me? No one knows who I am here! Besides that, I am a woman. You want me to go to a Jewish MAN and tell him this? He’ll never believe me, and then I emphasized to Him. I am a gentile WOMAN.”

But he was persistent. He asked me again.

I pretty much froze in fear of the prospect of walking up to that pianist and saying those words I had just been given to say.

I watched with a fainting heart as the crowd began to disperse. I could hear my heartbeat pounding in my ears. All the while, the prompting of the Lord was intense and growing. I could not ignore it any longer. I gathered up my courage before the pianist left.

Dread filling me, my knees knocking so much. I have no idea how I managed to walk up to him. I blurted out who I was and why I was there. I continued sharing the message that was given to me, to give him. The message was “I am the God that health thee.”

His facial expression told me he was not too impressed. He asked me: “Is that in the bible?” I was not prepared for that question. I thought to myself, you are a Jew, do you not know that is about Moses? So I answered him that it was the story in Deuteronomy about God and Moses and how God removed leprosy from Moses.

I think (I hoped) he understood.

After acknowledging that he heard, he then rolled his eyes before turning to walk away.

I Felt Deflated

I then also turned and went to walk out. I had delivered the message. I had been obedient. But what would happen? I wondered.

Confirmation Of The Prophesy Spoken

Three months went by after returning home from Kansas City. I thought to email the rabbi to ask him. I reminded him of who I was and why I had been there. I mentioned the pianist who had been prayed for by the congregation and the message I had given to the pianist. I then asked, “how did it all end up”? He replied "Your prophecy was accurate. The music leader is free of cancer." He further added to his reply that all the medical tests had come back negative.

Let me emphasize the result of that encounter that morning that I had had with this congregation and the music leader. Not only did cancer NOT metastasize; but there was none left. None.

The congregation only prayed for the metastasis to not happen. They did not ask for a total cure. But, G-d gave them more than they asked for. G-d fulfilled his word.

The Words Given To me To Speak Were True

The words of the song sung that morning truly came alive.

“Heal our wounds Bind us together

So the world might believe,

Jew and Gentile, one in Messiah”

Jew and Gentile, One In Messiah

I was given the privilege of being a mouthpiece to one who needed some courage. This encounter reached across religious identities. It allowed me, from one culture, to minister grace to this other culture. Perhaps it even helped to heal the wounds remembered by Jewish people against past Christian atrocities against them.

Jehovah Jireh even healed my own inner wound. I no longer felt “less than”. I was so glad I was able to be part of the expression of Jehovah Jireh’s expression of provision for all that was needed.

Moral Of The Story?

G-d in his mercy may use the most unlikely vessel to present his truth. Be open to receiving. G-d maybe sending someone to help you deal with your mountain also. Or he may use you to speak to a mountain. Why? Because not only is He Jehovah Jireh, He is also a G-d of Mercy, Jehovah El Hesed.

To Answer The Question Of Why I Use The Term "G-d"

The Jewish congregation that I visited followed the tradition of not using the name of "God" in any disrespectful way, which includes carelessly writing the name. If my understanding is correct, even writing the word "God" on a paper, means that you are responsible for what happens to that paper after that word is written. So perhaps some time down the road if that manuscript, paper, or book is not treated with respect, then you would be guilty of that particular sin of disrespecting the name of G-d. So, therefore, to avoid any disrespect, the term "G-d" is used.

As stated earlier in the story, I wish to show the utmost respect to this congregation, and others that hold this same belief, by honoring the way they depict the term "G-d". I hope this explanation helps.

Just To Clarify

The person narrating this story is me, Doris Morissette. I believe this is just the beginning of walking in the prophetic. It was just awesome to be an instrument in the hands of G-d.

If You Enjoyed This Story

If you enjoyed this story, you might also find another article on this website about two re-creative miracles that G-d did for one of my clients during one of our Emotion Code sessions as a result of prayer. G-d restores. The story is about a deep restoration that may bring you to hope regarding whatever situation you may be experiencing. If you want to check that out, you can find it here: Christians, Miracle Fridays & The Emotion Code.

The article was written by Doris Morissette

Retired nurse after a 23-year career as a Registered Nurse

Certified Emotion Code & Body Code Practitioner

SRT Global Coach Subconscious Release Technique

Inner Healing Fundamentals from Bride Ministries

How to Minister To The Human Spirit from Bride Ministries


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