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Updated: Mar 28

Christian Encountering Mercy Of God

Jesus Paid The Price For Your Victory, and Now Is The Time For Your Victory!

This article was written to serve you and empower you to find solutions to the crazy things going on in your life for which you may have no answer.

Are you looking for victory in spiritual warfare? Are you dealing with soul ties, iniquity in your bloodlines, feelings of worthlessness, inferiority, rejection, and demons that do not leave? Are you trying to put abusive relationships behind you? Look no further! Take courage! This was written for you!

What do you do when your binding and loosing prayers do not work? What do you do when you “stand on the word” and it is not enough? What do you do even if you valiantly stand your ground warring as you wear your Ephesians 6 armor, only to get pummeled?

Have you ever cried out “God where are you?”

Were you told you lack faith? It is not your lack of faith.

Were you told you must have sin in your life? It is not that either. We read in Romans 3:23 “All have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God.

It is something else that you need. You need knowledge.

It is written that my people perish for lack of knowledge. Hosea 4:6

Your lack of knowledge is not your fault, the “church” has also been mostly ignorant on this subject as well. Take courage, you are about to find some cutting-edge help.

We are facing more than just stubborn demons.

We will be discussing

1. Deliverance Basics

2. Demons that resist leaving.

3. Not everything is a demon or fallen angel.

4. Emotions with labels such as “worthless”, “unaccepted” and “inferior” may be more

than labels and mindsets.

5. Illuminati and freemason bloodlines need more than just renunciation

6. “Soul ties” cannot always be so easily severed as we think.

7. Abusive relationships leave more behind than just memories

8. Kabbalah is actually a link to satan’s government. (Small "s" intended.)

For all frustrated prayer warriors and targeted people, this is for you, too!

Emotion Code and Body Code Practitioners hear me; this information picks up where the Body Code leaves off. This information can help your clients.

#1 Deliverance Basics

The church has gotten the basics down really well. There are five steps:

1. confess

2. repent

3. renounce

4. bind

5. cast out

Simple! Right?

What do you do when these steps fail to produce lasting fruit?

Unfortunately, deliverance is not always just a “once and done”. It often can be more than just basics as outlined above. Deliverance is usually a journey.

Why? The enemy has had millennia to ensnare our forefathers into covenants, contracts, agreements, oaths, and vows. These continue to stand and operate until they are taken care of in the heavenly courtroom. These are part of the foundation for the “legal rights” the enemy has to maintain his control. All of these may require more in-depth knowledge not available to most deliverance ministers.

Let us begin the journey into our victory, shall we?

#2 Demons that Resist Leaving

What do you do when you discover a demon that does not leave when you command it to?

Or maybe it leaves but another replaces it later on?

Don’t worry. It is not about shouting louder.

In fact, shouting is of no avail.

There is something better than shouting.

I was privileged to see authority effectively demonstrated at one prayer meeting I attended many years back. One lady was continually coughing and this disturbed the bible study. The pastor quietly stood up from his chair and in a voice barely above a whisper spoke these words: “In the name of Jesus, demon of cough, come out.”

Personally, I thought he was overreacting, maybe a little too zealous. After all, this was winter which means cold and flu season. “Why make such a fuss?”, I was thinking. To my surprise, the coughing stopped immediately and remained absent for the remainder of the bible study. I was amazed. I thought to myself, now that is authority well demonstrated!

However, authority is not sufficient if there are legal rights.

So the first question you might want to ask when you are facing an obstinate demon is: “Does this have a legal right to remain?”

If you are fortunate, the answer will be “no” and then you can just dispatch it using the name of Jesus and your spiritual authority as a child of God. If you were to question the demon, as to why it is there, it might answer “Because I can be.” Sometimes they act like squatters. Squatters do not leave until made to leave.

However, when the answer is “yes” to does this have a legal right, you have to find what the reason might be.

And that is when things can get very interesting…

You might like to ask the following questions:

1. Is there a strongman? Does the strongman have a protector? Or does it answer to

someone/thing higher than itself? If the answer is no, then you can bind the

strongman as scripture says, and “ransack his house”. Matthew 12:29

2. If the strongman has something protecting it or answers to someone/something

higher than itself, you might ask if that would be a fallen angel or a heavenly

power? 1.

3. Is there a covenant/contract/agreement/oath/vow? In this case, it may be sufficient

to follow the prayer model according to Robert Henderson. 2.

4. Is there an Evil Idol Altar that is speaking? Please refer to Dr. Francis Myles. 3.

#3 Not Everything Is A Demon or Fallen Angel

What we are encountering may be a soul fragment or spirit fragment being used by agents of darkness operating through them. These fragments may also be ancestors or witches/warlocks who made trades with death to continue living on the inside of you. Some ministries have applied names to these such as alien human spirit, or dead human spirit.

The power these beings wield can be greatly augmented by evil ceremonies and technology.

Binding, losing and casting out may have little or no effect on these.

Why? Some people have ancestors who made covenants with workers of darkness to remain within a bloodline. When you are facing opposition, this may be one source.

Perhaps the best name for this category is “human persecutors”. There is a resource for that situation. 4.

#4 Emotions With Labels Of “Worthless”, “Unaccepted” And “Inferior” May Be More Than Labels Or Mindsets

You may want to ask if these are the names of the parts. If this is the case, you will want to speak to the spirit of the person you are coaching. You can ask the spirit of the person, “Is there anyone in there that knows about, for example, ‘worthless’?” There may be a part by that name that answers. You will want to ask “How old are you?” This part may be “born” anywhere within the lifetime of the person. You will then need to minister to this “part”. If suitable afterward, this part may be integrated.

The course Inner Healing Fundamentals course through Bride is where I learned about this.

#5 Illuminati and Freemason Bloodlines Need More Than Just Renunciation

Evil grids may likely be established at conception if you have Illuminati or freemasonry bloodlines.5. In the book, you will find a list of possible other grids.

In my experience, there are very few Christians that come to me that have no Illuminati or freemasonry bloodlines. The enemy has spent the past millennia weaving iniquity into the bloodlines to halt Christian victory.

But God has provided a way to take care of that which can be found in the books of prayers which you can find referenced below.

Unfortunately, each person has different requirements to be set free. You can choose to go through the books yourself. If you are unable to finish them, you will likely need a coach to consult and help you take care of whatever needs to be taken care of.

It just depends on the level of ancestral iniquity that was done as to what you need to do so that it can be cleared up.

# 6 Soul Ties Cannot Always Be As Easily Severed As We Think

You may come from a background that has ways of cutting off a soul tie. But that will not work if, for example, a warlock has paperwork and mandates that allow claims of “ownership”. The “marriage” may have taken place in the astral plane. This information may be hidden behind an amnesic wall. If this is the case, you have to take care of the legalities involved. Human Persecutors prayer may be part of what is needed.

#7 Abusive Relationships Leave More Behind Than Just Memories

Part of healing from a traumatic relationship involves the removal of fragments and/or parts of the abuser within you. That can be a mother, father, spouse, sibling, or other. And there will be fragments of you inside of them as well due to the trauma.

We know about human trafficking which we associate with the sex trade. But there is another type of soul trafficking that deals in the souls of people.

When your soul is shattered through trauma and/or abuse, those parts can also be brought into the spirit world and traded or sold. That is called soul harvesting. Human soul parts are very valuable in the kingdom of darkness and are used to trade for more power and access.

The details of soul trading belong in another discussion, but we are just touching on this subject here. There is such a thing as souls that are traded. Since you are likely to ask me where that is in the bible, here it is:

We read in Revelation 18:12-14 KJV

“And the merchants of the earth shall weep and mourn over her; for no man buyeth their merchandise any more: the merchandise of gold, and silver, and precious stones, and of pearls, and fine linen, and purple, and silk, and scarlet, and all thyine wood, and all manner vessels of ivory, and all manner vessels of most precious wood, and of brass, and iron, and marble, and cinnamon, and odors, and ointments, and frankincense, and wine, and oil, and fine flour, and wheat, and beasts, and sheep, and horses, and chariots, and slaves, and souls of men.”

#8 Kabbalah Is Actually A Link To Satanic Government

Dan Duval has extensive teaching on his site regarding what this is about. Essentially an evil Kabbalah tree will be established when there is an Illuminati bloodline. This internal evil Kabbalah tree will be linked to the Cosmic Kabbalah which is the government of satan. (Note: small “s” is intentionally used for that name.)

This then becomes an open back door into a person which the occult can use to access.

To take care of that, please refer to his second book for the prayers 4.

Please refer to this link to check out his full teaching on The Exposing Kabbalah Series Exposing Kabbalah Series - YouTube

Would You Like More of This Type Of Information On This Website?

If so, please let me know in the comments section (below the article) and I would be happy to help if possible.

Are You Ready To Walk In Victory? I Am!

Are you ready? I have been preparing for this day. Book your initial FREE 15-minute Emotion Code & Body Code session now!

If we need additional tools beyond that, I do have some training through Bride Ministries. If you need someone who is trained to coach DID (Disassociated Identity Disorder) or SRA (Satanic Ritual Abuse) or someone who knows how to help persons who are "targeted", I can direct you to someone with that level of training.


Sometimes when you are dealing with stuff that makes no sense, you might want to check out the Bride Ministries website prayer section. Whether you understand the language of the prayers or not, the prayers remain powerful and effective.

This article is meant to be an introduction to each subject, and you will find sources below to gain deeper information.

A Little About Me

I have been searching for answers to the above everywhere for a long time. What Dan Duval is teaching and all his material is more than cutting-edge, it is absolutely necessary to overcome all that the enemy has thrown at us. That includes “nice, unsuspecting Christians” as well.

The reason I have been searching everywhere for a long time is that I have been on the front lines of heavy attacks. Other deliverance ministries that I went to had no adequate answers; I was desperate for answers.

Had I not found Bride Ministries when I did, I would have been taken out prematurely. I can provide the evidence for that statement. Believe me, the enemy did more than target me, he set me up as a new model for how to take down “nice Christians”. Really? Yes, really!

A series regarding my personal victory against darkness is coming out soon.

I can personally say that I would not have survived this long unless Dan had obeyed God to learn, search and then teach what he has so far.

As a Certified Emotion Code and Body Code Practitioner for five years now, I am in a unique position to spot patterns in my clients and lead them to wholeness while utilizing the material from Bride Ministries as needed.

Whether you need inner healing, ministry to your spirit, or advanced deliverance, I can help as I have received training in these areas.

I have just completed the Advanced Deliverance Intensive and other courses offered through Bride Ministries Bride Ministries truly has cutting-edge and effective training which has given me more tools to help people that come to me for help.

Part of my destiny involves helping and equipping you to fulfill yours, whether that involves consulting me as a Certified Emotion Code & Body Code Practitioner who has additional training, or whether it involves pointing you to resources, such as Bride Ministries.

If you want to check out the prayer page of Bride Ministries, here is their free prayer resource page link: Prayer – Bride Ministries International and their home page is (

Sources You Will Find Helpful

1. Daniel Duval Prayers That Shake Heaven and Earth.

2. Robert Henderson Receiving Healing From the Courts of Heaven, Removing

Hindrances That Delay or Deny Healing

3. Dr. Francis Myles, Dangerous Prayers From The Courts of Heaven that Destroy Evil


4. Daniel Duval Advanced Prayers That Shake Heaven and Earth

5. Daniel Duval Extreme Prayers That Shake Heaven and Earth

6. Dr. Ron Horner, Overcoming the False Verdicts of Freemasonry

The article was written by Doris Morissette

Retired after a 23-year career as Registered Nurse

Certified Emotion Code & Body Code Practitioner

Advanced Deliverance Intensive from Bride Ministries

Inner Healing Fundamentals from Bride Ministries

How To Minister To the Human Spirit from Bride Ministries

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