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Emotion Code & SRT Global, Safe & Christian Recommended

Updated: Jun 30, 2022

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I write this testimony specifically for Christians; born-again Christians who believe the only way to salvation is through Jesus Christ. So many Christians are bruised and wounded. It is my heartfelt desire that they may know the freedom, as I do. The freedom that The Emotion Code and SRT Global (Subconscious Release Technique) can provide. These tools are not only safe, but highly recommended to bring you to freedom!

For me, the proof is in the heart results that I received.

I asked these questions to discern if this was safe for me:

1. Does the tool used draw me closer to Christ or not?

2. Does it make me trust Christ more or does it have an adverse effect?

What made the process feel safe for me.

What made the process feel safe for me was Doris prayed throughout my sessions. She will tell you herself that The Emotion Code and SRT Global (Subconscious Release Technique) are only a tool in the great Savior's hands. She knows that ultimate freedom comes through Christ.

Perhaps the greatest test to pass is, can I forgive?

Yes, I can and now I have.

I am now able to forgive my abusers, especially my verbally abusive father, and I have even come to a place of speaking blessings over them. It's so freeing!!!

A Time of Transformation

From beginning to end, with many gaps between sessions, it was a year and a half of transformation. The healing continued even when we were not working together. What Doris began, God continued.

My commitment to change and wholeness allowed my transformation to take place. I am not the same person I was when I started one and one-half years ago. I am now set free of so much bondage.

Thank you, Jesus, for sending Doris on my path to help me up and to be free!!

Here is a summary of just a few things that Jesus came to set me free from through the help of Doris.

1. Many family bondages and curses.

2. From the false belief that I am not enough.

3. From the deep shame of being sexually "touched wrong".

4. From the anger of being " touched wrong".

5. From the lies that were spoken over me through a verbally abusive parent.

6. From the lie that God our Father and Jesus don't like me, he just put up with me in frustration.

7. I can now see and feel the love of my Heavenly Father

Can these changes be the mirror so show myself, so that I am the definition of “wholeness”?

At first I dismissed The Emotion Code as ungodly and could not possibly be safe.

When I first came across The Emotion Code and considered the role that emotions play, I immediately dismissed it as ungodly and thought that it could not possibly be safe for Christians.

It was what Dr. Caroline Leaf spoke and said that made me sit up and take notice. What opened me up to the possibility was a television program on TBN called “Thinking, God and the Quantum Physics Brain” with David Rives and Dr. Carolyne Leaf.

To view that video, please click here.

Here is a quote from Dr. Leaf during the show:

Breakthrough neuroscientific research is confirming daily what we instinctively knew all along; what you are thinking every moment of every day becomes a physical reality in your brain and body, which affects your optimal mental and physical health.”

Using her clinical experience and the latest neuroscientific research on the brain, Dr. Caroline Leaf says that your thought impacts your spirit, soul, and body.

What was I wanting to see change in my life?

Here are the things that were going on in my life that I was hoping to change:

1. Stutter when feeling threatened.

2. History of perceiving verbal abuse, not able to feel love, only feel rejection, fear, and guilt

3. Suffered six to seven years of extreme fatigue, so much so that I was unable to take good care of my family. My children remember me as the sleeping mother.

4. Bladder and menstrual problems including constipation since a teenager. Needed to use laxatives all the time.

5. When feeling rejected, which would happen frequently and easily, I was then rendered “out of commission” for a whole day.

6. Suffered bouts of bad depression, as my dad did.

Clutter Became my Friend

My husband and I both have this problem. It was a though two “messies” found each other.

You see, my dad was a perfectionist and a controller, so the house was always “tip top”. |Along with the perfectionism, the verbal abuse I experienced at home would have me retreat to my bedroom.

My bedroom became my safe haven and clutter became my friend. My books and material items “listened” to all my pain and loneliness.

The problems appeared when I cleaned up. Having a clean environment felt wonderful and everyone enjoyed the it, however, to me, the clean triggered my loneliness.

So, the house would revert back to clutter. It offered my brain a distraction in which I could escape to. I really wanted to change that mindset. Clutter caused a lot of conflict and especially drove my children nuts. They complained they could not have their friends over; they were too embarrassed.

The Bible was not a Friendly Book at the Time

In an early session, we found an anti-Christ spirit when we worked on why reading the Bible was not a friendly experience. All I could see written in it was judgment and anger. But now, since we found the cause, (the anti-Christ spirit), and removed it, my eyes have been opened. I can re-read the same scriptures and I can see the love within it. For thirty-six years I never enjoyed reading the word. That is all changed now.

I Understand the Bible Like Never Before

In my 54 years, I only saw John 3:16. I never saw John 3:17, the part where it says that he did not come to condemn, but to save. I came to salvation at 18. Think of all those years that went by, not experiencing what was there for me!

I have come to see God the Father as greater than my earthly father (who was deficient in this area). I can now see with my spiritual eyes that He loves me and it feels so wonderful. I can now spontaneously love Him back. I can even experience excitement about His love for me.

At one point, the Lord came to me and spoke “I am here for you. I did not come to whip you. That is your earthly father. I sent you my Son to bring you to me.”

Experiencing Transformation in my Relationship with my Earthly Father

To realize, grasp and see with your heart that God is for you and not to condemn you brings a transformation to your inner being. I believe this is the foundation for my healing and happiness.

So many people cannot get out of the mud, so they compensate by becoming over-achievers. Now that I can see my heavenly father with new lenses, I can also view my earthly father with new lenses, so that I can pray for him.

I am no longer stuck in what felt like the mud.

Releasing the Label of “Loser”

Once things began to clear, I experienced a tremendous sense of ambition. My stay-at-home-mom time was over and now the Lord may lead me in another direction; into a new mission field. However, out of the blue, a loud voice in my mind spoke and deflated me, “but you are a loser, this is only a dream”. At the time, I concluded, my heavenly father was unpleased with me. I then concluded, there was no meaning in life without his approval. Everything comes to naught unless I could receive and experience the love of my heavenly Father.

Thankfully that label fell away as Doris and I continued to work together.

What I Experienced After a Number of Sessions

1. More feelings of peace. Have spontaneous thoughts of the Lord.

2. Able to walk 3.5 miles all at once. This is the first time in many years that I can do that due to the extreme fatigue I used to experience.

Was not able to do this at 40 years old, but now at 54, I can. This is almost too good to be true!

3. No longer need to take afternoon naps. I was previously unable to get through a day without an afternoon nap of one hour.

4. I realized that Christians need to know about this!

5. A feeling of a vast open space ahead of me with the Lord saying This is all yours. Do not be afraid to enter. I am right here. I will guide you in the vast open space.”

I did not want to be seen

There is a beautiful song by Tasha Layton that so accurately describes my emotions about the shame I felt as a child saying “don’t look at me”. And the song continues into a wonderful deliverance from that shame.

For those that want to read some of the words that speak the truth of what the Lord accomplished in me, please enjoy this transcript from the music video above:

"Look what you've done, How could you fall so far?

You should be ashamed of yourself, So I was ashamed of myself

The lies I believed, They got some roots that run deep

I let 'em take a hold of my life, I let 'em take control of my life

Standing in Your presence, Lord, I can feel You diggin' all the roots up

I feel Ya healin' all my wounds up, All I can say is, "Hallelujah"

Look what You've done, look what You've done in me, You spoke Your truth into the lies I let my heart believe

Look at me now, look how You made me new, The enemy did everything that he could do

Oh, but look what You've done"

That song is so much like my own story.

The Pain of Stuttering

My mother told me I had started stuttering soon after I began to talk, at about age two or three.

In the first grade, I always chose to sit behind my twin brother. When I knew the answer, I would lean forward and tap his shoulder and give him the answer. I remember very clearly how the teacher saw me do this and said “Can you not speak up for yourself?” She was very tender. But, I was not able to answer out loud for myself. I stuttered so severely that nothing would come out. She accepted that my twin brother was my voice.

I have gotten much better over the years, but whenever I might be thrown into the spotlight, my stuttering shows up. This brings us to my most current work with Doris. It happened one morning.

Doris never dealt with the stuttering directly, until this day.

It happened that I was in public and a situation arose and I was not prepared. I stuttered so badly; I left the situation deeply hating myself for what I thought was failing. I felt like such a bruised little girl. I was extremely flooded with hatred that I started to say things in my mind that I would never normally say.

“You see you are supposed to shut your mouth.”

“You are not supposed to speak up.”

“You are not made to be heard.”

I could not help thinking that I wanted to end my life then and there.