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11 Emotion Code Benefits That Will Inspire You

Updated: Mar 28

These benefits were reported after just one or a couple of times of working with these people.

For the sake of google search engines, we will shorten the term “Emotion Code” to EC – because you know, it would be considered "spammy" if we mentioned that word too many times. Also, we will shorten “Body Code” to “BC”. The same for my name, Doris. It will be shortened to “D”. Thank you for understanding.

Enjoy and be inspired!

#1 Immediate Resolution Of A Problem

Our first session of one hour brought immediate resolution to a problem I was experiencing with my daughter for quite a few months. I was blown away by her (D) knowledge and the results of our first session. Karyne, Quebec, Canada.

#2 The Precision Of A Well-Skilled Surgeon

D. has the precision of a well-skilled surgeon at finding and remedying any issue at hand. She is adept at getting to the real reason why you are suffering emotionally or physically. A retired nurse of many years, D. is not only skilled at her ability to reveal the underpinning of the malady; but is excellent at releasing the emotions around it, delving deep into your subconscious mind. You owe it to yourself to try her. She is quite unique and a pleasure to work with. Alicia ~ New Jersey, USA

#3 Tiredness, Frustration & Sadness

We worked on my tiredness, frustration, and sadness that I've felt my entire life. I felt emotional relief after each session and was able to function better day to day. D. is professional, intuitive, and very fast with her muscle testing, we were able to release more than 30 emotions per session! Thank you so much Doris for your help. Lucia ~ California, USA

#4 TMJ pain

I have to say she has really helped me shift and release some stuck stuff. She is so passionate about what she does and I felt completely at ease from the start. My TMJ had a big impact on my life however D. was able to really go in and release some deep emotions held there. I have work still to do but what I know for sure is my connection with this lovely lady will continue.

I can not recommend her enough and only wished she lived here in Dorset. ~ Melanie B. Dorset, United Kingdom

# 5 I Felt So Much Lighter

Thank you, D. for the truly amazing BC session today. It was my first time but I certainly felt some shifts occur. I am feeling sooo much lighter and am holding hope in my heart. It feels very good. Thank you!

You are a very gentle, kind, and extremely generous soul. Thank you for sharing with me your knowledge and for showing so much caring and love!! Wishing you many blessed successes. ~ Nancy V., Portugal

#6 Things Improved For A Chronic Condition

My session with D. was profound. Her instincts are spot on. The work she did on me was for a chronic condition. The condition was improved, indeed. But my improvement of that condition was not the only benefit I received. I feel lighter and infinitely more peaceful. D. is a gifted healer. D. is also a caring and loving being, I felt as though I was in very good hands. I cannot recommend her enough. If your intuition took you here to read these reviews, do yourself a favor and experience her talents for yourself. You won't be disappointed. Melissa G. ~ California, USA

#7 Can Walk Without Pain Or Limping

D. did a great job utilizing the Body Code system to help remove blockages affecting my left foot. I have been in physical therapy for 3 months, and had made some progress, but really improved after sessions with D. I’m able to walk now without pain or limping! Thank you, D.!! Kathy S. Washington State, USA

#8 Better Range Of Motion In Shoulder

I had a BC Session with D. a week ago and have experienced an improvement in the pain level and range of motion in my shoulder. D. is a kind and compassionate practitioner. She works quickly and thoroughly. She has excellent insights in addition to using the BC that shed some light on the underlying issues. ~ Lena, Massachusetts, USA

#9 Felt Really Safe. Felt The Tension Leaving My Body

I really felt a connection with her. She is a warm, caring and sincere person. I felt really safe. II could feel the tension leaving my body. Such a relief!

Thank you so much, D! ~ Yolanda, The Netherlands

#10 Acid In My Esophagus Relief

Everything that D. found and told me while working with me resonated with me. I felt physical shifts taking place in my esophagus area as she worked and now, four days later, can attest to the definite relief that has occurred with an acid reflux condition. Thank you very much for this opportunity, for your earnest devotion to help others and for the high degree of professionalism in your work. ~ Evelyn, South Carolina, USA

#11 Thorough & Quick, Accomplishing So Much In A Short Amount Of Time

Doris has done several body code sessions for me now. I'm always amazed at how thorough and quick she is. She uses her discernment to get to the root cause and accomplish so much healing for me in a short amount of time. I appreciate how understanding and helpful she is. She puts a lot of care into each session. I can't thank her enough for what she has done to improve my life ~ Heydi M., Montana, USA

Are You Feeling Inspired?

If you have never had an Emotion Code session, please feel free to try one on me! I would be happy to help!

Article was written by Doris Morissette

Retired nurse after a 23-year career as a Registered Nurse

Certified Emotion Code & Body Code Practitioner

SRT Global Coach Subconscious Release Technique

Inner Healing Fundamentals from Bride Ministries

How to Minister To The Human Spirit from Bride Ministries



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