Emotion Code For Fear & Anxiety Before Surgery

Updated: Jun 13

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Fear and anxiety can easily be conquered by The Emotion Code. In this case, just the thought of going into surgery was enough to create an over the top stress reaction. Here is one story, courtesy of Dave, who has agreed to share his experience with you to inspire you and give you hope for your situation.

This is what Dave has to say:

"I still can’t believe it!

Some 50 years ago, my uncle underwent surgery for Parkinson’s. The surgery involved drilling into his skull and placing probes in his brain. It had to be done while he was fully conscious so that he could respond to commands like “lift your arm.” The surgery was not 100% successful, and it left me with a vivid imagination of what it would have been like for him to undergo it.

Now, 50 years later, I was diagnosed with excess fluid on the brain, and a stent was required. As the surgery date approached, I became more and more nervous and became unable to eat, sleep or even think rationally. “Terrified” would be an apt description. My pulse rate was incredible, and blood pressure was “through the roof.” The “fight or flight reflex” had indeed kicked in. I was warned that my adrenaline levels could potentially make anesthetic challenging to administer.

At that point, I contacted Doris, whom I had known since University days, who offered to help.

I am, by nature, a skeptic and a cynic.

When she outlined how the system worked, I laughed. How could any of this “trapped emotions” stuff be the cause of a justifiable fear of getting holes drilled in my skull?... Doris then stumped me by asking “what have you got to lose”?

What Have You Got To Lose?

So we proceeded. Over the course of 4 days, Doris talked to me on the phone, and I could hear the clicking of computer keys while she mumbled things like “let’s see if we can clear that – no - have to clear something else first.”

Each evening, she sent me a “progress report,” which I did not comprehend and after the first day, I didn’t read.

Day four was the day before my surgery. I was able to eat (except for the pre-surgery dietary restrictions), my emotions were under control, and that night I slept like a baby, arriving for my surgery rested and with normal blood pressure and pulse rates!

No – cannot explain it.

It worked. She got me through the surgery, de-stressed and rested. It worked.

My skeptical nature says it could not work, but Doris got me through the ordeal through some mechanism that I cannot understand.

It worked.

And I still cannot believe it!"

Thank you, Dave (from British Columbia) for being willing to share your story.


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